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Contribution of Dental Implants to Oral Health

People who lose teeth as a result of tooth decay or physical injuries often replace their lost tooth with a fake one. Dental implants in Delray Beach provides an implant that is stable and will effectively hold the fake tooth in place, and they will not fall out, especially when one is eating or speaking. Dental implants look like screws that are drilled into the jaw for denture appearance, making it difficult to distinguish between a false tooth and real ones.

The Implanting Process

One should consult a licensed dentist who will help assess their mouth before placing a dental implant. It is essential to know the shape, size, and position where the implant will be placed. A doctor will also check the mucus membranes, which indicates whether the implant will integrate successfully with the bone.

A licensed dentist will perform dental implant surgery; this surgery is considered among complex oral surgeries. Outpatient treatment after the surgery involves the use of anesthesia and mild pain killers. Sometimes a dentist will have to perform a bone augmentation depending on the clinical condition of the patient.

The dental placement procedure involves the division of the gum in half until the bone is exposed, the speed of drilling should be moderated such that it does not harm the bone. The dental implant will be placed in the drilled hole, then the two flaps of the gums are repositioned and stitched. The implant is given time to heal before the dental prosthesis is placed on the implant; the implant needs to fit in with the bone of the jaw first.

Dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth; anyone who is healthy can get a dental implant when they feel like they should get one. Patients with complicated conditions such as diabetes or a heart condition, may not qualify for the procedure unless these patients undergo further therapy sessions and can go through this if their condition is stable.

Advantages of Dental Implants

A dental implant will improve your appearance, especially if you’ve had a missing tooth Once the dental implant integrates with the bone, the implant will feel like an original tooth, and it will be difficult to distinguish between a fake and original tooth.

Dental implants become part of an individual, eliminating the discomfort that comes with removing dentures. It is also easy to eat as the tooth is stable which makes it easy to chew. You can eat hard food without worrying that your dentures will fall or slide off.

Dental implants will increase your self-confidence; it is hard walking in public with a missing tooth. Every time you smile with a missing tooth people often notices the gap, and this could be making your uncomfortable, but with dental implants, this will not be your problem anymore.

Dental implants improve oral dental health; the rest of the teeth are left intact as they are not altered when implanting a dental implant contributing to long term teeth health.

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