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How To Get The Most Money Selling Your Car

Looking to sell a car can be as daunting as going into the market to buy one. This can become a hassle if you have no idea how much your used car is worth or where you can find a buyer for it. We live in an era where answers to these questions are just a few clicks away, enabling you to have the correct information before you hand over your car keys.

As someone who has been in the market to sell my car before, I wondered how I could sell it for the most amount of money. If you are looking to sell yours and have the same concern, then this article will provide you with tips to help you get the most money and sell it quicker.

Clean Your Car

Presentation is key, especially when looking to sell something that costs a lot, like a car. Buyers will always be attracted to a car that is cleaner since we as humans relate cleanliness to being under high maintenance. Whether you are selling your car privately or to a dealership, keeping it clean will help you to sell it at a better price than selling it dirty.

Vacuum clean the seats, carpets, dust off the dash, windows, and even the engine, ensuring no dirt build-up is left untouched. Use car fresheners to keep away any musty smell that can scare away the people looking to buy the car. Also, ensure you get rid of any junk or clutter that doesn’t belong in the car.

Consider Selling Your Car Privately

While selling your car to the dealership can be a hassle-free endeavor, it is not the best way to get the most money out of the trade. Unless your car is relatively new, you should consider selling it privately, that is, if you are comfortable with people coming around your home. The main idea of the dealership is to buy low and sell high, and since they do this for a living, you are disadvantaged when it comes to bargaining. 

Fix The Obvious Problems

While it might not be feasible to fix all the imperfections that your car has, it is important to ensure you repair any minor, obvious problems. If the hood’s color is dated or the rear mirror is broken, leaving these unattended can give the wrong impression to the buyer. Ensure all the cracks in the windows are properly fixed, torn seats are repaired not forget the multimedia players who should always be in good condition.

Unless fixing the problem would make sense financially compared to the money you’d recoup from selling the car, we strongly advise against it. Only pay attention to the features that are a no-brainer and can be easily fixed.

Calculate Your Car’s Value

While establishing how much your used car can be worth, various online resources can help. Look on online marketplaces for car brands like yours and compare their prices with the condition. With enough data, you can price your car as high as you want while keeping in mind the range in which similar cars to yours are priced.

Take Clear Pictures

When deciding to sell your car privately through social media or any other online marketplace, quality pictures will help you get more money. Since people take more time looking at images than even the descriptions of your post, it is wise to spend a little more time taking clear, high-quality photos.

Your images should consist of the key features of the car you are selling with details that can be seen from various angles. With quality images, prospective buyers would easily be ready to pay the price you are asking as they can see what you are selling. This will ensure that you are getting people interested in buying.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Before listing your car, it is important to craft a clear, detailed description of the features of your car. Ensure you include the key features like the miles it has, number of seats, doors, drive type, and other important details that are obvious to a car. Avoid including any experiences you’ve had in the car or lying on the features to sell it faster or for more money. Lastly, you should include any fault in the car to make it aware to the potential buyer.

List On Different Marketplaces

The good thing about the internet is the availability of various ways to reach potential buyers. With platforms like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, among others, listing your car on more than one platform will help you get a buyer quicker.

People like different platforms and dislike others; having your listing in many marketplaces opens your car up to various potential buyers. This increases your chances to sell quicker, and since you can price your listings differently, you can sell for more money.

Although all the tips above can help you sell your car for more, keeping your car well maintained even before you decide to sell it can help you get what it is worth.