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Different Types of Bonuses in Online Poker

With the increase in the popularity of online casino, its audience has also grown considerably. And with many more people turning to online games for entertainment, gaming industries have also fully embraced the digital medium. Like other online casino games, online poker is also just like live poker. But the main reason for its ever rising popularity is the many bonuses and free stuff it offers. Like other online games, poker too has many different types of bonuses that make the game more interesting and fun. However, it is important to know what these bonuses are, their types, and when and how to use them. Here is a brief discussion of the various types of online poker bonuses.

First Deposit

First deposit or sign-up bonus is offered in almost all casino games and online poker is no exception! This bonus is offered to new players when they register with the site for the first time. Often these bonuses involve the casinos matching your first deposit by a certain percentage. Most online casinos and poker sites give these bonuses in order to attract more players to their site. That’s why first deposit bonuses are quite lucrative and attractive. But they also have some rigorous terms that you need to fulfill. So, it’s better to make sure you know about all the requirements beforehand.

No Deposit

The no-deposit bonus, as the name suggests, offers players a chance to register with the poker website without making any deposits for the first time. Many websites offer no-deposit bonuses to attract players to their sites. Often new players are not very sure about the game or the new website they’re registering with. This bonus is often used to lure such players to try out the website for free before depositing any money. Usually, the money won in such bonuses is given freely to the players to use as they want. However, poker sites often require either a deposit or a play through first before allowing the player to cash out the bonus money.

Online Poker Freerolls

A freeroll in poker is a tournament that is free for players to enter and also has a lucrative prize pool. Generally, freerolls are open to all players and there is no entry fee or deposit needed. Players can play without paying entry fees and still earn lots of exciting prizes. While these prize pools often contain cash prizes, sometimes the prizes also include tickets to other tournaments or other such prizes. Poker freerolls are the one of the best marketing tools that help player-oriented poker sites like joker123 to get more players and earn decent money.

Rakeback Bonus

A rake is the small percentage of win that a casino gets on each poker game. Every time a player wins a pot, some small percentage of that pot money goes to the poker site hosting the game. So, no matter which player wins, the site always earns money on each game. In contrast, no matter how much a player wins, they’ll still lose some of their winnings to the site. A Rakeback bonus is when the site offers to give back some percentage (mostly around 30 to 40 %) of your winnings. These bonuses are often the best bonus a site can offer. They usually don’t expire and their benefits are visible in the long term.

Reload Bonus

As the name suggests, reload bonus is offered to existing players when they reload their accounts. Most poker sites match a percentage of your deposit as reload bonus to keep existing players interested. These bonuses are usually not as generous or rewarding as welcome bonuses and often have a lower percentage and value. They are also used as a way for the poker sites to reward consistent and loyal players. However, these bonuses are not as advertised as much as some other bonuses. So, players may have to keep their eyes open and stay sharp if they want to avail this bonus.

Online poker bonuses are great for both the poker sites to attract more players and for the players to earn some advantage or increase their winnings. However, most of these bonuses come with certain requirements that should be met beforehand. It’s advised to read all the terms and conditions of the bonuses carefully before making a decision.

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