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How to Save Money When Renovating Your Kitchen With Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Are you worried about the cost of a kitchen renovation? What if there was a way of reducing the cost while still maintaining the same value? 

We’ve researched various ways of saving money when renovating without interfering with the quality of your renovation. Check out our suggestions below and decide which fits your current remodeling needs. 

Opt for RTA cabinets 

When presented with the option of either buying ready-to-assemble (RTA) or custom cabinets, the former is always the best option if your budget is limited. You can get good quality RTA shaker kitchen cabinets that are similar to custom cabinets. 

The difference is that you will have to assemble the cabinetry units yourself. This is why manufacturers reduce the cost because you also take part in the assembling process. 

Paint your cabinets 

Another ingenious way of saving money is to paint your cabinets instead of buying new ones. However, this tip is only limited to the standard of the cabinets that you have. For example, if you have recently purchased shaker kitchen cabinets and you find them still functional, you can paint them a different color to change the appearance of your kitchen. 

However, in our professional opinion, we advise homeowners to buy new cabinetry if their existing ones are worn out. 

Offer labor

Instead of hiring many people to help you with the work, you can do it yourself. But let’s face it, DIY is not as easy as many perceive it to be. Therefore, hire a contractor but avail yourself for work to reduce the cost of labor. 

Purchase materials online

Did you know that there is a chance of getting a better deal if you buy your cabinetry or any other kitchen equipment online? Well, that’s the reality because of the competitive nature of the online retail space. 

Just visit various stores and compare the various types of cabinetry and their prices. You will be surprised to find that you can get shaker kitchen cabinets at affordable prices compared to buying them in physical stores. 

Change your layout 

You don’t have to make expensive changes to give your kitchen a fresh look. A simple change in the layout of your kitchen could help redefine the look of your kitchen. 

Browse online for some great ideas on how to redesign your kitchen look. Consider the space that you have when looking for new ideas.