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5 Ridiculous Gifts That Are Practical

Have you ever gotten a gift and thought, why would you give this to me? But realised later that it was actually pretty good. Well here’s a short list of ridiculous gifts that have a practical use to them.

1. Phone Privacy

Now this has to be the weirdest thing you’ll see all year. It is so ridiculous you might just need one. You can use it to muffle your conversations. It can reduce the volume of your speech even if there is someone in close proxmity. It would be an ideal gift for a co-worker who’s always having loud conversations on the phone. This will literally hush everything they say.

2. Weener Kleener

You know what its for yet if you got one you would be questioning the sanity of the giver. However, it has a very practical use. It’s a fast way to clean the that weener and if you know somebody who gives special services to women, this weener kleener is something right up their alley.

3. The Nicolas Cage Pillow

This sequin pillow case looks great around the house when its rubbed the right way. But come movie night and you’ve got back to back movies of Nicolas Cage to watch than this can transform into your very own Nicolas Cage boyfriend. Rub the sequin pillow and he’ll magically appear in your arms. It’s a gag gift for some but a God send for others.

4. Coyote Urine

Not your typical scented candles or perfume but it has a highly practical side to it. You might not know this but Coyote or predator urine are great at repelling small to larger mammals. Such as cats, rabbits, racoons and even skunks. A great gift for someone with a racoon problem. Coyote urine is unnoticeable to humans although is not advisable to smell this directly from the can.

5. Pimple Popping Toy

Have you ever watch those pimple popping videos and got hooked? Well now you can actually do it in real life anywhere anytime. This obscured gift can easily destress you or someone with a curious obsession. And because its reusable, it can satisfy anyone’s pimple popping dreams.