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6 Classic Summer Outfit Ideas You Can Easily Put Together

Ahhh, summer. Time spent poolside, BBQs with friends and family, and warmer weather – what’s there not to love about summer?

If your last year’s summer fashion items aren’t sparking joy, it’s time for a closet overhaul. Read on to find our favorite summer outfit for anyone that is looking to buy a Brazilian beachwear, to ideas to look cool, cute, and stay comfy this season.

1. Denim Shorts

Denim is one of those fashion trends that never seems to go out of style. We’ve seen bell-bottoms and acid wash finishes come and go, but denim is here to stay.

This year, denim shorts are making a comeback. Think about the high-waisted shorts our Moms wore in the ’80s and ’90s. Don’t scoff at us yet.

These Mom-inspired shorts are not only comfortable, they’re in fashion this summer. Pair them with a tucked-in tee or crop top for a cozy summer look.

2. Bardot Necklines

If you’re not showing your shoulders this summer, you’re missing out. Off-the-shoulder dresses and shirts are a hot summer style that you need to tap into.

Pair a shoulder-baring peasant sleeve top with denim shorts. Try finding a romper or dress that shows off your sexy shoulders.

Leave the necklaces at home if you choose a Bardot neckline. You can get away without accessorizing when you’re making such a bold statement.

3. Unique Sleeves

You already know that off-the-shoulder outfits are in style this summer. Don’t be so quick to discredit other tops with unique sleeves, though.

Puffy sleeves are on-trend this year. Pair a football-sleeved blouse with khakis or jeans and sneakers for a high-fashion look.

4. Accessorize

If you’re not accessorizing, you’re making a huge fashion faux pas. The right earrings, necklace, or hair tie can completely transform your outfit.

We’re partial to accessories that have significant personal meaning. Whether it’s Grandma’s hairpin or AA jewelry to recognize your struggles, purposeful accessories can remind you of where you came from.

5. Wrap Dresses

A wrap dress is an absolute must-have for a comfortable and stylish summer style. Not only are they versatile, but timeless and flattering, too.

The way you choose to style the dress can completely transform it. Pair it with a sunhat for a cute, beachy look, perfect for the mall or strolling seaside. Nix the hat and add a blazer for a smart and sophisticated office look.

Step into your favorite statement heels for a bold outfit perfect for a night on the town.

6. Show Some Skin

Fashion-forward celebs like the Kardashians and Bella Hadid have been wearing bras as shirts for some time. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to try the same with your summer outfits.

Wear your bra under a blazer. Complete the look with tights or bike shorts.

Pair your favorite bra with a sheer top and pencil skirt.

Summer Outfit Ideas for Everyone

We hope you’re feeling inspired by our summer outfit ideas. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to fashion this season. Try mixing and matching styles to create unforgettable outfits.

Keep reading our Fashion blogs for more tips on staying on top of the top trends this summer.