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5 of the Best Collage Maker Apps For Social Media Marketers

Pictures and videos are two of the best types of content to produce when it comes to digital marketing, especially on social media. This is why for social media marketers, one of the skills you need to have to keep up with the changing times is how to manipulate photos.

In this article, we’ve collated the best collage maker apps. These are the apps that go beyond the standard user’s needs and are outfitted with some advanced tools for effective photo edits. Most of these apps are desktop and smartphone-based, which means you can edit from your device of choice, anytime, anywhere.


Arguably the most used photo editing app among social media marketers out there, Canva, is not only a great collage maker app, but it’s also a powerful mobile photo editing tool that’s easy to use, intuitive, and packed full of features. The photo editor has lots of presets, which you can readily use to turn any photo from blah to fab in seconds.

The collage capabilities of the app are wide-spanning, with pre-installed templates – from grids to different shapes, and full-on text over image overlays. The app is lightweight as well, so it can be used in any smartphone, flagship, or not. The app is free to download on both iOS and Android, and it has a dedicated desktop site as well.

Fotor Collage Maker

A favorite among advanced photo editing users, Fotor Collage Maker, has professional-level features that no other collage makers in this list have. You can import several photos and videos all at once while having the liberty to choose the placement of photos inside the collage. It’s an excellent way to put together effortless-looking photo collages!

Fotor isn’t available on mobile, but it has an online tool you can frequent to edit photos in. There’s a dedicated app for Mac users, but it only has limited features. The app is free to use online, but there is a catch: it has a watermark on it, so if you want your photos to look more professional, consider the pro version at $3 per month.


Moldiv is an exceptional app when it comes to photo collages. It’s straightforward, no-frills, and just all-around solid. As a photo editing app, it’s painfully average, but it gets the job done. This is the app to rely upon when you’re on the go, and you don’t have Internet access. With Moldiv, you can easily transfer edited photos to your gallery for easier posting on social media accounts.


Among the numerous mobile photo editing apps from Adobe, Lightroom may be the most intuitive and user-friendly. The app is a joy to use – it has powerful tools for editing to manipulate lighting manually, white balance, saturation, and etc. It also has a preset that you can readily save to get a consistent feel and style on your photos.

The collage maker feature of the app is also top-notch, preloaded with templates for easier photo building. If you mainly use Adobe Creative Cloud on desktop, don’t worry, as the Lightroom app, which is free to download on both mobile operating systems, can instantly connect and seamlessly integrate edited photos. This is perfect for social media marketers for on- and off-site posting.


Another desktop-based collage maker, Photo Collage, works on almost all platforms – iOS, Android, Mac, PC, even Linux. The freeform collages templates installed are second to none in the web version, so if you’re looking for a heavy-duty driver, this is the app to check out.


If you’re a social media manager, the chances are high that a photo campaign will need some collage maker apps. Download any of the ones listed here, and we’re sure that you’ll be good to go. Keep in mind always exploring the app’s features before anything else so that you have a feel of the existing tools you can use. Once you know your apps’ capabilities, you can then apply your creativity to produce eye-catching social media content.