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Follow These Three Steps To Get Compensation Following A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident can leave you with devastating, long-lasting effects. You might have sustained serious injuries requiring a lengthy hospital stay and expensive medical treatment that puts you out of work for several months – and you might never completely return to full health. Furthermore, you might experience psychological trauma following your accident, perhaps developing anxiety or PTSD as a result. If the accident was not your fault, you might be eligible for compensation to help you cope with the devastating after-effects. Here are three steps to follow to get compensation following a car accident.

1. Exchange details with the other party

Immediately after your accident, if you do not require medical assistance, you and the other person involved should exchange insurance details to help make compensation claims easier for your insurance companies. Details to note down include license plate number, make and model of the car, name and telephone number of the other person. Avoid conversation and focus only on obtaining this information – although it might seem natural to make conversation and attempt to lighten the mood, even the most innocuous comments can be used as evidence of an admission of guilt in a court of law. 

2. Contact a personal injury lawyer

A personal injury has the expertise and experience in this field of law to help you pursue your claim and receive the compensation you are entitled to. The time following a car accident is understandably highly emotional: you might be in shock or a lot of pain from an injury, and as such, you might not be able to make the wisest decisions. A personal injury lawyer can act as your advocate at this emotionally wrought time, bringing an impartial and professional eye to the situation to help you make decisions that are entirely in your best interests for your compensation claim. For an experienced and trusted personal injury lawyer for your car accident case, choose Lasorsa & Beneventano – the best attorneys at law in NY. If you do not hire a personal injury lawyer to pursue your case, it could be left in the hands of insurance companies, who might not award you with the full compensation amount you deserve following your devastating car accident. 

3. Photograph vehicle damage and personal injuries

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, make sure that you take photographs of the damage sustained to your vehicle and any injuries that you have suffered. Photographs of injuries should be taken at every stage of the healing process, from immediately following the accident, to before and after medical procedures, to permanent scarring. Photographs will provide the court with a clearer idea of the extent of vehicle damage and injuries sustained during the accident and the long-lasting effects these have had on your life. Take your photographs from several different angles to provide a fuller picture of the exact extent of your injuries and to be used as supporting evidence in your compensation claim.