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Lady Gaga’s Most Iconic Outfits

Lady Gaga is such an inspirational woman, from what she wears to how she sings, and how she now acts having starred in some incredible roles over the last few years.

And then there’s the fashion…

Yes, inspiration is at every turn with the New York singer, and you can look at every aspect of her life from her successful battle with drug addiction to her campaigning for women’s rights and beyond. She always combines that with looking magnificent, often making a point in the process.

We LOVE Lady Gaga here, and here are our favourite outfits that really should be in a museum…

2011 MTV Video Music Awards

We’re starting with a moment that saw Lady Gaga reveal her male alter-ego, Joe Calderone. It caused quite the shock at the MTV Video Music Awards and it was perhaps a look into the future with her going on to become a great performance artist. 

Gaga even refused to break character during the event, with her creative director saying at the time that it doesn’t matter how you look as long as you execute to the highest of your ability. An excellent point well made.

2019 Academy Awards

Her black dress at the Academy Awards in 2019 was truly iconic and will go down as one of the most fabulous looks of all time. It was a timeless look that paid tribute to the incredible actresses from the golden age of Hollywood one what was her big day in the acting world.

While she just missed out on the Best Actress gong for A Star Is Born, she did win one for Best Original Song, for the song Shallow from the same movie.

2021 Presidential Inauguration

Plenty were pleased to see the back of Donald Trump and stars came out in full force for Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021, with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem. The star wore a bulletproof Schiaparelli dress and even was able to make that look truly iconic in what was a real moment in history.

2010 MTV Video Music Awards

We of course can’t forget the meat dress, the year before Joe Calderone. The singer wore a dress made of raw beef and it was a powerful political statement that took aim at the US military’s then “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Based upon a speech Gaga made entitled The Prime Rib of America, the statement urged the US military not to discriminate against gay men and women serving in the army.