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Style Tips for The Mature Traveller

Whether you’re heading out on a city break or you’re packing to go to the beach for two weeks, you’re going to want to make sure your holiday wardrobe is both stylish and comfortable.
However, trying to figure out what to put in your suitcase and what to leave out can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together some handy tips that’ll help make sure your packing’s a breeze and that you arrive at your destination in the most suitable (and altogether fashionable) get-up.

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1. It’s All About the Layers

Even though many foreign countries have a more predictable climate than the one we have in the UK, it is still worth preparing for differing temperatures.

Layers are your best friend here as you can easily add or remove cardigans, light jackets, pullovers and so on to regulate your body temperature. Equally, packing lighter layers in your suitcase gives you more room for other things while still ensuring you’re comfortable at all times.

2. Find the Right Footwear

The shoes and sandals you’re taking on holiday with you should take priority as these can make or break your trip. After all, we all remember that time we wore some fashionable footwear only to find ourselves hobbling around with blistered feet for the rest of the holiday!

Look for shoes that are lightweight, comfy and durable – and always wear them around your home before you go to ward off any potential blisters.

You might find that you need several different pairs, including walking boots for your day-to-day activities, sandals for heading to the beach and evening shoes for your nightly entertainment.
Plus, don’t forget to pack some decent socks. These can help cushion your feet even further and look for breathable designs that’ll help keep your feet cool, too.

3. Choose Clothes Made from Breathable Fabrics

There is a number of brands who specialise in holiday fashion and these will often make clothes from breathable fabrics like cotton, hemp or linen. And although these garments often cost more, they will last a long time so will easily become part of your holiday attire for many years to come.

For hot climates, linen, rayon or light cotton ensembles are ideal – even wool can keep you cool thanks to its breathability.

Equally, if you’re travelling in cold weather, items made of natural fibres are ideal (e.g. hemp, cashmere or wool) as they’ll provide you with all the extra warmth you need while still being breathable.

Finally, you might find it useful to opt for fabrics that won’t crease as this will make it much easier when it comes to packing and pulling things straight out of your suitcase to wear!

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