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The Physical Therapy Benefits for Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Using physical therapy as a first treatment method can save a patient up to 72% of the overall treatment cost.

Whether you are seeking treatment for an injury or pain management, physical therapy benefits have been well established as safe and effective. Not to mention it may save you money!

If you are unsure if PT is the right treatment for you, read this brief guide and learn everything you need to know before you make a decision

What is Physical Therapy?

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to reduce pain and promote full movement and function of the body. People may seek out PT when they have chronic pain or difficulty moving after an injury.

People may get physical therapy for back pain, arthritis, surgery recovery, and soft tissue injuries.

PT is a form of therapy on its own but may also be used together with surgery or medication if suggested by a doctor.

After an evaluation from a physical therapist, he or she will ask you to do different strength, flexibility, and balance, exercises. The routine will depend on your needs.

Your therapist may also recommend the use of ice, heat or electrical stimulation which will happen during your session.

Physical therapy sessions vary in length of time and number of exercises depending on you you’re getting therapy and your therapist’s recommendation.

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

Physical therapists are medical professionals that determine an individual’s needs and decide on the appropriate treatment. The main functions of a physical therapist are to:

Identify movement dysfunctions (instances where the body is not moving properly) and improve the overall function of the body

Promote a high quality of life through enhancing pain-free movement and overall health

Reduce and prevent pain, functional limitations or other impairments as a result of a disability, injury, or other medical condition

Physical therapists may provide care in a hospital, a rehabilitation facility, or they may own their own practice.

Physical Therapy Benefits

Physical therapy can provide a number of benefits, mainly the reduction of pain and improved movement of the body.

Pain from an injury, accident, or just overuse is a common reason for seeking physical therapy. Over time a physical therapy routine can reduce pain and improve the overall quality of life.

Physical therapy can also improve a person’s ability to move freely without pain. It can help people do things like drive a car, carry groceries up a set of stairs or get in and out of bed.

The benefits of physical therapy are not just for older adults and athletes either. People of all ages can improve their movement and strength with physical therapy.

The Bottom Line on Physical Therapy

Physical therapy benefits people of all ages with various health conditions to improve their functional fitness and reduce pain.

If you think physical therapy might be right for you, reach out to a health professional today.

If you want to learn more about health and other lifestyle topics, check out our other blogs for additional useful information!

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