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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Home Better This Season

Cleaning your home always looks like a simple task until you start. It’s definitely a hard task if not planned well. Planning makes home cleaning easier and faster. 

Here are some tips that you can use for better cleaning sessions. 

1. Draft a plan

A good plan will prevent you from getting bored or tired easily. It’ll make the cleaning efficient and effective. 

Plan the day on which you’ll do the cleaning, the time, and how much time will be required. This will depend on you and other family members’ availability. Choose a day when the people you need for help will be around. Having help will be advantageous as you can share the workload. 

Discuss with family members and list the tasks involved. After agreeing on the things to be done, assign tasks to each person depending on their capabilities. Decide where you’ll start, where you’ll finish, and have all the required materials ready.  

Many people prefer to use natural cleaning products because they’re as effective as the other cleaning products and are good for the environment. Try out these natural homemade cleaning products for great results. They are cheap and have no harmful effects on health.

For efficiency, keep all your cleaning tools in one place to save time in locating them.  

You can perform these tasks alone if help is unavailable but draft a similar plan accordingly. 

2. Dusting

Most of the household items get dirty because of the dust accumulating on them. It’s good to start by dusting to keep all items, corners, and walls clean, then move on to other parts. Dusting is required for all the rooms in the house, for the house exterior, and you can dust the walls.  

Getting rid of the dust will make the cleaning significantly easier. You can get rid of the dust by sweeping and wiping, or you can vacuum the place using a vacuum cleaner. 

At, you’ll get the best vacuum cleaners to get the job done. 

3. Clean the bedrooms

After you’ve vacuumed the house, start cleaning the bedrooms. Arrange clothes in the wardrobe, put dirty clothes, linen, and the like in the laundry hamper, or the laundry room. 

Get rid of unwanted items, make the beds, and put all the furniture where they’re supposed to be. After completing these tasks, you can mop the room, leaving every corner sparkling. 

You can take an extra step and spray the room. 

4. Clean the bathrooms

The bathroom is a crucial area that needs to be kept clean all the time. Put on your protective gloves and start cleaning the toilet by using some nice smelling detergent. 

Clean the shower and tubs thoroughly using a brush and washing detergent. The walls should be scrubbed well because they retain a lot of dirt that sticks to them. 

Clean the sink to get rid of the stains that stick to the surface. If there are bathroom mirrors, you can wipe them with a dry cloth after finishing the cleaning. 

5. Clean the kitchen

The kitchen is another area to be always kept clean. Don’t start by cleaning the dishes. Clean and organize the areas we rarely access to get rid of the accumulated dirt. Take items out of the cabinets, clean the cabinets and the items in them, get rid of unwanted items and place the items back in. 

Clean the fridge, oven, microwave, and any kitchen appliances you have. Note the greasy parts to make sure that they’re cleaned.  

Clean the utensils, clean the countertops, and all other untouched surfaces. 

After you’re done, you can clean all the corners of the floor and organize the kitchen. 

6. Clean the other general areas

Wipe the furniture and appliances and then mop the floor. You can add some soap and use a brush if dealing with greasy surfaces.  

In the living room, after cleaning the floor, arrange all the items properly. You can polish the furniture if the need arises. 

In every room of the house, dust the surfaces, clean the items, organize them well, and then clean the floor. 

For the home garage, related items should be placed together. You can add magnetic bars to hold magnetic items, clean the floor, and keep all items organized. The garage should be well organized to prevent accidents. 

After finishing the interior, you can clean the pavements, pick the litter, and empty trash bins. Even the fence can be trimmed. 

For some motivation, you can turn on some music while doing these tasks. Get more insights on cleaning solutions you can apply to make your home a great place.