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5 Ways To Reduce Environmental Pollution

In the present world, when new inventions every other day and industrial evolution are regarded as huge achievements, environmental pollution has also become a global issue nobody can turn a blind eye to. Air is filled with smoke, smog due to automobile exhaust, lands filled with e-wastes, rivers, and oceans full of garbage are causing several problems for the environment and human health.

Environmental pollution has affected the ecosystem quite badly. Not only is human health being affected, but the environment overall is facing negative impacts of rapidly increasing pollution. From poor air quality and several new diseases to global warming, pollution has affected everything.

It is everyone’s responsibility to try and play their part in reducing environmental pollution. Below are given a few suggestions that are helpful to control pollution by environmental permitting regulations.

1. Identifying The Source

As per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the most abundant air pollutants are Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Lead, Particulate matter, Carbon monoxide, and ground-level ozone. The pollutants are observed under the criteria of national air quality standards. Identifying the point sources of these pollutants can be very helpful in reducingair pollution. The usage of public traffic should be promoted because it can help reduce exhaust from motor vehicles, a reason for complex reactions and cause ozone depletion. Industries should be built away from the residential area. And the use of pesticides and fungicides must be restricted as these are major contributors to air pollution.

2. Control Of Land Pollutants

Land pollution is increasing day by day at a very high rate. It comes from several sources, such as the rapid increase in urbanization and agricultural land. People are destroying forests and grasslands. When it comes to domestic waste, there is no limit to it. Agricultural and industrial activities not only cause air pollution but also play their part in land pollution. An efficient garbage disposal can control these, Promoting organic farming, reducing the use of pesticides and fungicides, proper usage of resources, and avoiding wastage.

3. Reduce, Recycle And Reuse

The use of the three Rs can be an efficient way of controlling environmental pollution. Shopping at eco-friendly stores, using eco-friendly and recyclable material, avoiding plastic shopping bags, and recycling the garbage can be very helpful. Millions of consumers use recycling spent catalyst for exhaust emissions from their automobiles. These catalysts are very useful in converting harmful elements into less harmful ones, which are less damaging to the environment.

4. Go Green

Trees are being cut, and forests are burned and destroyed for urbanization, increasing agricultural land and by different organizations like timber mafia. Deforestation is one of the major reasons for the increase in temperature and causing global warming. Legal action should be taken against such activities that are destroying the environment. Planting trees should be encouraged among the general public.

5. Waste Management

Several physical-chemical or biological methods can help reduce the toxicity of the waste material. Proper disposal of hazardous waste material instead of just dumping it in open land and oceans can help reduce both water and land pollution. Waste material should be treated before disposal. Otherwise, it affects human health and the environment.

Above are some suggestions that can help reduce environmental pollution and conserve the beauty of this planet for the coming generations.