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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working With a US Temp Agency

Whether you are a recent graduate or have less experience in your career, working with a temp agency can the best decision. While working with a temp agency, you will enjoy flexibility, career exploration as you earn. However, just like any other type of employment, temporary employment has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Permanent job opportunities.

One benefit of working with a temporary job agency is that you can turn your temporary position into permanent employment. Most companies use temp agencies for projects that permanent staff does not have time for or seasonal staff shortage. If you prove yourself reliable during your temporary job, your employer might offer you permanent employment.

2. Flexibility.

Working with a temp agency offers you a lot of flexibility. You can attend to your special needs, alternative job, and hobbies when working with a temp agency. You will have an opportunity to take different positions to increase your earnings while working with a temp agency.

3. Career exploration.

 There is a wide variety of temp jobs available from different companies. Working with a temp agency can help you to explore careers. If you are a recent graduate and cannot secure a job in your area of study, you can use a temp agency to explore a different career.

4. Skills and training.

Most temp agencies offer training to temporary workers. This training is helpful as it can help you to gain full employment. At the temporary agency, you can take different jobs within a short time, giving a chance to learn more skills. You will attain other skills on the job which you did not have before and also help you to improve your current skills. You can include these skills in your resume to boost it.

5. Provide income.

Even if temporary jobs might not lead to permanent opportunities, they provide income to graduates and people between jobs. Also, it enables students to have the flexibility to attain their school schedules and earn money. Some temp jobs might last for months giving people the opportunity to improve their financial situations.


1. There is no stability.

Sometimes you will go through financial instability as the jobs are not permanent. The best solution is to have your next job lined up at the end of your current job. However, this might not always be achievable because your next placement depends on if the temp agency has more available jobs.

2. No fringe benefits.

While working as a temporary worker, you will not receive any benefits you would have received if your full-time employee. Full-time workers often receive paid leave, health benefits, housing allowances, and other benefits. You will not receive any benefits even if you work the same hours as the full-time employees in the company.

3. Abrupt endings.

A temporary job does not last for long. It can even end without notice. If a company needed extra workers because of the seasonal changes or n workers required to complete a project which full-time employees could not have time to work on, the circumstances might change abruptly. Causes of change in the situation might be due to renewed management, decreased sales, or project termination.

Bottom line.

Working with a temp agency can be a good thing. You can get full employment as you work on a temporary job. Also, you will enjoy the flexibility and gain new skills that can boost your resume. Also, you can explore different careers before you gain employment in the area of your study. However, you should beware of the disadvantages, such as the abrupt ending of the job, no benefits, before deciding to work with a temp agency. 

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