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Anti-Theft Devices You Can Use to Protect Your Retail Store

Theft in Retail store can cost you a lot as it can damage the bottom line. Safety and security are paramount to defend the retail store from break-in or burglary. If you have a 20% margin on each sale you make, you may need to sell an additional $2000 worth of products to compensate for a loss from a $200 theft.

According to the report of the national retail survey held in 2009 in the US, the average shoplifter walks out with $438 per theft, and the chance of being caught is only 1 in 48. The value of goods being stolen each year from retail stores in the US alone is in the billions. As a retail business owner, you can’t ignore this. Due to advancement in technology, you can use various type of devices to protect your retail store.

Brandon Locksmith are striving to secure your retail store businesses. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable and use various type of tools, devices, and strategies to enhance the security of your establishment.

Implement monitored Alarms

Criminals take only a few minutes to burglarize your store. Time is a critical factor during a break-in. By installing an alarm system, you can stay connected with your store. Brandon Locksmith, FL installed an alarm system in your store to detect an open door, broken window, or motion.
Once the alarm triggered, an audible sound will ward off intruders. It will send an alert to your mobile device as well as the monitoring center at the same time, which then dispatches the proper authorities.

Integrate Access Control

Access Control System in your Retail store allows only authenticates and authorizes entry of a person to enter into the store, thereby giving complete protection, ensuring security with the system.

You can assign employees unique codes to enter in-store, it’ll also help you to know when members of your staff arrive to work and what areas they access at any time. For example, if something is missing from the stock room, you can quickly identify the culprit by time logs that show you which employees were in that room and when. If you want to install an access control system in your retail store then hook up with 24-hours locksmith Brandon.

Incorporate Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is an advance anti-shoplifting system. It involves attaching tags to clothing and merchandise. An employee must remove or deactivate the tag after purchase. If someone tries to steal your cloth without being removing EAS tag, an alarm sounds and the store owner is alerted immediately.

Strengthen Network Security

Today’s retail store systems are much more different from past stores. Modern technology has transformed the way customers pay for products. The functionality of Point-of-sale system dramatically relies on the internet connection.

However, hackers can easily hack the POS system to steal sensitive data like customers payment information. As a result, the retailer loses the trust of customers. Install antivirus software and utilize encryption to secure your POS system.

Install Video Surveillance

Installing security Cameras Brandon, FL, is one of the most effective and reliable ways to enhance security in your store. Surveillance systems provide retailers the evidence which is needed to prove theft. CCTV Tampa, Florida, in your retail store also deter stealing or shoplifting.