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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Loungewear in 2023 to Stay Stylish, Comfy and On-Trend

At this point, we’ve all realized that loungewear and athleisure aren’t going anywhere. While once only a wardrobe staple of gym addicts and streetwear enthusiasts, everyone from soccer moms to your homeroom teacher and even your grandparents look stylish in loungewear. The loungewear industry has come a long way in terms of fit and innovation, but it’s still changing even as it’s trending. If you’re looking to upgrade your loungewear in 2023 to stay current on this trend, or you’re just dipping your toes in and want to do it in style, keep reading for all the ways to upgrade your lounge aesthetic this year, all while looking and feeling like the best, comfiest version of yourself.

Slinky Nightwear 

We’ve seen Y2k trends dominating runways and stores for the last couple of years, and it seems to be going nowhere in 2023; in fact, it’s going to find its way into our sleepwear. While this loungewear you won’t be able to wear on your grocery runs, sleeping in a silk nightie is a way to stay on trend when you’re in the comfort of your home – not to mention, it makes you feel luxurious as you’re binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. 

Natural Dyes 

Whether you’re shopping for a matching set, joggers, leggings, or anything in between, upgrading your loungewear to textiles that use natural dyes is a sustainable choice to make and keeps you on-trend. This appeals to everyone, whether their motivation is wellness, the environment, or people with sensitive skin. Natural dyes also lend themselves to softer and more muted colors which pair perfectly with the softness and comfort of the nature of loungewear. 

Men’s Sleep Shirts 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably observed that oversized fits are a favorite of designers, streetwear enthusiasts, and even soccer moms. Investing in several mens sleep shirts to wear during the day and while you’re in bed is one of the best investments in loungewear for 2023. Clothing styles are trending unisex in general, so these comfortable shirts work well for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or existing style. Find colors that work well with your existing loungewear collection, and go crazy. 


The great thing about incorporating bodysuits into your loungewear this year is you probably already have some in your wardrobe since they’ve been in trend for a few years now. Bodysuits are an easy way to feel pulled together, even when you’re wearing sweats and sneakers. One loungewear look that will dominate in 2023 is a neutral-colored bodysuit (think oatmeal, black, cream, and navy) tucked into a pair of oversized and loose-fitting jogger-style sweats. Throw on a cropped jacket if it’s chilly weather, and you’re comfortable, not to mention chic. 

Princess Diana’s Aesthetic 

No one is more iconic when it comes to personality, influence, and style than Princess Diana. She is known especially for her biker shorts and oversized hoodie aesthetic that the paparazzi frequently shot her wearing. As you head into spring weather and you’re not sure what the temperature will be, an easy go-to loungewear look is a pair of black biker shorts and your favorite lounge sweatshirt. You can’t go wrong when you’re channeling your inner Diana. 

Cashmere Sweaters 

Now that loungewear is so commonplace, people want to elevate it to a level where they feel comfortable in their loungewear but still polished. Enter the cashmere sweater as an answered prayer for those teetering on the sidelines wondering if loungewear was for them. Cashmere sweaters as a plush and decadent addition to leggings and even sweatpants. You’ll feel like you’re in designer clothes but could also curl up and take a nap at the same time. Invest in neutral cashmere sweaters so they’re easily incorporated into the rest of your wardrobe year-round. 

Other trends worth exploring this year in loungewear will be minimalist themes and monochromatic dressing, silk sets worn during the daytime or an evening out, and textures like fuzzy shearling or cable-knit. Introduce all of them as an upgrade to your loungewear wardrobe, or choose the ones that resonate most with you. Either way, you’ll look on-trend and feel cozy and confident.