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Top 3 Menswear Styles for the Summer Season

It might feel like the summer weather is still a while off, given the low temperatures and rainfall that the UK is experiencing as of late. However, this gives you the perfect chance to update your wardrobe before the sun comes out to play. Make sure your wardrobe is ready with the latest men’s summer styles, whether you’re jetting off to an exciting destination or taking advantage of a staycation.

From classic styles to seasonal specials, we offer some inspiration to make sure your menswear wardrobe is up to scratch for the upcoming summer months!

Invest In a Resort Shirt For Smart Attire With a Twist

When the temperatures start to rise and the sun comes out from behind the clouds, the last thing you want is to be caught out in a fitted long-sleeved shirt. The same goes if you’re on holiday on a tropical island. However, what if you need to look smart? Your options can feel limited when it comes to smart dressing, but fear not. A retro style has made a comeback just in time for summer, which can prove to be the perfect choice for a wedding, dinner or a drink or two.

The resort shirt has a straight cut along the hem, and is often created with a revere or Cuban collar for a summer-friendly design. The reason it’s so popular for the summer season is due to the short sleeves, but also the vast range of designs available.

Choose from pastel shades, monochrome colours or bright hues to create a statement look. If you’re feeling really summery, a printed resort shirt should be your go-to look. Think palm tree prints and tropical-inspired floral patterns to match your outfit perfectly to the holiday vibe.

Denim Shorts For Perfect Off-Duty Style

As a rule, denim shorts should stay in your wardrobe until the sun comes out properly. You don’t want to be caught short in a knee-length pair of shorts when the clouds look grey outside! If you’re jetting off on holiday, a pair of denim shorts should be the first thing in your suitcase.

With that in mind, denim shorts should definitely be on your summer shopping list this year. Choose from different colours and washes to achieve your desired look, from traditional blue to grey and even black.

Look for denim short styles that have a modern edge, such as hand-distressed detail or custom buttons to enhance your personal style that little bit more.

Wear a Classic Printed t-Shirt To Suit Any Occasion

No matter what your summer plans are, look the part by investing in a printed t-shirt. The choices are endless, including colour, fit and print. Whether you’re looking for a simple slogan tee or something with a little more liveliness to it, a printed t-shirt can come through with the goods.

Look for styles that have embroidered text or graphics for a timeless, effortless look, as well as experimenting with colour. Black and white are classic choices, and can look even better when combined with a stripe print or panelling detail.

So there you have it; a capsule collection for your summer all ready and waiting, whether you’re jetting off or staying in the UK!