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5 Best Chat Apps For 2019

In this short article, I’ll share the top 5 messaging apps that I think every socially connected person should have strapped to their mobile phone. With all of the great options available I challenged myself to boil down my top 20 messenger apps down to only 5…so here they are.

#1 Discord

Discord is mostly used by gamers who love nothing more than to talk trash to each other while ‘nerding’ it out on their favourite online game (I must admit it is incredibly fun!).

But I prefer to use this chat app for connecting with my co-workers.

The thing I love most about it, is that it’s cross-platform, so I don’t have to be strapped to my computer, I can pick up my phone walk outside and continue the conversational thread without missing out on anything.

The other feature I like is being able to create different channels for example #PPC ads or #email marketing or #SEO etc.

This allows my team to keep every conversation 100% relevant to the channel that they are speaking on.
This cuts down massively on miscommunication.

#2 GroupMe

GroupMe is one of those specialist messaging apps that is focused on doing one thing really well, in this case is group text messaging.

I have groups set up for everything, travel, work, different friend circles, events etc.

While you can technically send a group text message it’s not really a group conversation it’s more like you speaking one-on-one with a lot of people at once, no one else can see the conversation, GroupMe allows everyone to chime in on the group convo.

#3 Band

Band is one of the most fun group messaging apps that I’ve played with in some time. While GroupMe is still my go-to group messaging app, Band is one that I’ve been testing out and I’ve been having a lot of fun.

Band comes packed with cool features like community boards that allow you to broadcast your updates, joining public group chats and of course creating your own private chats and invite your friends. Share files with your group, take part in polls, create photo albums and more.

#4 Instagram

Instragram is my favourite “Hey! Look how awesome my life is!” messaging app. It’s great. While I’ll use it to take food pics (I’m a big time foodie!) graffiti art, and work events I use this most when I’m on holiday to basically to remind my friends that I’m on holiday and they aren’t – it feels good!
And of course they return the favour back to me, but I also use the instant messenger feature they have as well to stay in touch with certain family members.

#5 Facebook Messenger

A lot of my 40+ year old friends and family may not use Insta or GroupMe but they definitely have Facebook Messenger as their primary messaging app so while this isn’t my favourite app it is essential to stay in touch with everyone.

I also use the group chat feature for when people are travelling or for family events.

Final Thoughts

The best messaging apps will fit effortlessly into your life and improve your ability to communicate. The top messenger apps mentioned above are pretty much the core 5 that I use to communicate with every one of my social groups (family, friends and work). Try out some of these excellent messenger apps for yourself.