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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Names Generator to Name Your Business

A names generator can sound like a boon especially when you’re running out of good business names. However, the key is to do it properly so that you end up with a unique business name that defines your business and gives your business a distinct identity. But the problem is that many people make mistakes when they’re looking for names. These are easily avoidable. Here are 10 mistakes that you don’t want to make when you use a names generator.

Did Not Search For Trademark

What’s worse than eventually realizing that the business name that you chose has already been in use by someone else? This is why a quick trademark search is essential before you choose your business name so that you can then get on to promoting your business without any setbacks along the way. Remember that whoever is using the name even without registration has the rights of the name.

Confusing Name

It’s easy to get a bit too sophisticated and choose a name that’s so out-of-the-box that people have no clue about what your business is all about. While creativity is great you might need to tone it down a little bit. You want to choose a name from the names generator that somehow manages to get the message about what your business is all about.

Did Not Spend Time In Research

You want to go through what your competitor is named before you find a name for your business. The reason is that you don’t want to sound just like your competitor because that won’t give you the edge over them. You want to create a distinct branding around the name so that people understand what your business is about and can easily tell you from the rest of the businesses.

Following Trends

You don’t want to name your business on the basis of a trend that will eventually die out. You want to choose a name that you know can be used in the future as well. As no one has complete control of trends, it’s not logical to base a name on the ongoing trend. You want to think about your target audience when you use names generator to select a business name.

Did Not Consider Branding

The business name holds value but you need to remember that you want people to have a certain image. It’s the perception that matters and gives value to the business name. In the worst case scenario, you can change the name later and so waiting for the ‘right’ moment isn’t something you should opt for.

Did Not Think About Social Media

A very common mistake when using names generator is to pick a business name that seems right and completely forgetting about the social media handles that you need to create. You want to be able to create the same name handles so that people can instantly recognize you on social media. Experts say a business name of 15 characters is best.

You want to think about social media handles.

Not Thinking About Perception

When you’re thinking of a business name you need to think about how people are going to perceive the particular business name. You should check whether competitors have names that are similar and then you want to make sure that the domain is available for your business name. But you want to start with the perception part.

The Name Is Complicated

Another mistake that people make is to make it complicated from the start. When you use a names generator ensure that the name that you choose is not so difficult that no one can pronounce it. You want to choose a business name that can be easily spelled, heard, and pronounced by people. This will make people remember your business’ name.

Did Not Test

Testing is an important aspect that you don’t want to ignore when you are naming your business. You want to test the name so that you know that it works the way in which you envisioned it. You want to test it with the target audience and get the feedback which can give you the insights you need.

General Name

When you use names generator you should know that general names are not the ones that you should choose. The reason is that people are most likely going to ignore you because there’s nothing that sounds unique about your business or your name. You want a business name that’s unique.

Shopify’s name generator helps you get the ideal name for your business

An excellent names generator is the one offered by Shopify called Business Name Generator. This is a free tool offered by Shopify and it enables you to enter a single word that you want your business name to have. It will then display a long list of business names with the word that you entered. You can then go ahead and reserve that name for your business and then get started right away! It is simple, free, and quick.

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