Monday, April 19, 2021

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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re planning on selling you home, or you simply want to up your design game, you’ll need to focus on a few key areas to increase your design ROI.

Upping the value of your home doesn’t require a whole overhaul of your property. Much can be done with a few strategic upgrades.

Install New Windows

Remember that design comes in many forms, and windows are one of the key indicators of value, as people see them both when they are on the outside and the inside of your property.

The physical condition of your home plays a major role in value assessments, and getting replacement windows here adds considerable value to your property. Look for a window installation company that has close relationships with manufacturers, and installs and services its products. And, make certain that they offer warranties on all items sold. You’ll want to work with a company you can trust that doesn’t use sub-contractors.

Choose windows that differ in style from the ones you had before to make a significant impact. The latest trends suggest that picture windows are still in high demand, and you can always mix window styles for a more modern look.

New windows improve the energy efficiency of your home as well — this means that when you replace old windows, you’re increasing curb appeal and interior design, while also reducing carbon footprint. All of these make for a potent package when selling your home.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

No matter how beautiful a home is, it is very hard to look past an unkempt landscape. Not only does it bring down the property value, but it also gives the impression that the rest of your home may also be in need of repair or maintenance.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on an elaborate display of flowers or shrubbery to increase the home’s value. Being consistent in maintaining your property’s appearance is worth more than having an intricate landscape you can’t keep up with.

Until the weather gets drastically colder, keep watering your grass. A dry, brownish lawn is never attractive. Continue cutting it, and don’t let leaves accumulate. Rake them up weekly, and keep your garden maintained until the first snowfall of the season.

Replace Exterior Doors

One of the very first things you notice about a home is the entry door and the condition it is in. If your door looks dated or is starting to show signs of aging, you need to replace it. Door designs have changed throughout the years, and now there are more options available on the market than ever before. From fiberglass to steel to dependable wooden varieties, there is guaranteed to be a door style that will transform the look of your home.

Wood doors remain the top choice among homeowners, but they are also quite expensive, which is why fibreglass doors have been rising in popularity.

Fiberglass doors resemble wood, but they are actually more energy efficient. Steel doors may sound like they are better suited for institutions rather than homes, but considering the many advantages they bring, this style could be your best bet. Steel doors give homeowners a sense of security, which is priceless. Also, because they are made to withstand harsh environmental elements, you won’t need to replace them as often as wooden doors.

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