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9 Simple Ways to Give Your Usual Drawing Room A Dramatic Makeover

If you have a big living room and are willing to go all dramatic with it, we would say it is a great beginning. Going bold with the decor can be overwhelming if the drawing space is a small one. The drawing room is the first space noticed by anyone entering the house, so why should you settle for anything less than dramatic? Dramatic does not necessarily mean expensive or being too much show of colors. You can and should maintain your actual taste while having your living room designed or redesigned. Here are some tips for a high-end living room.

  1. Let go of the weights. The first step to improve the look of your living room is removing the heavy drapes, and pillows. Have breezier stuff. Think of linen, cotton, or linen- blend budget friendly pillows for spring and summer. Cashmere, sporting wool, velvet can be a good option when the temperature drops. Choose the textile and color that either complements or contrasts with the texture of the sofa and room. 
  2. Let the light into the room. Hang translucent or lighter shade curtains. You can also try Roman shades. The goal is to let maximum sunlight into the room. Hang the window curtains as high as possible, or begin from the ceiling if it’s possible. A higher placement gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, a feature of luxury living rooms. If expensive curtain panels are not an option, keeping the budget in mind, consider doubling up on the panels, or hang more of them on one end. Doubling up the quantity of the curtain panel gives it a lush look and also hides the inferior quality details if any, in the draperies. Solid color and a slight texture can give a high-end look to cheap curtains as well.
  3. You do not need too many colors to add drama to the living area if you don’t want to. Choosing contrasting colors will do the job. For example – red and black, or lemon yellow against the grey. Get done with the walls with either bright and bold color patterns, or heavy wallpapers. You can also choose a textured wall finish. Using print in print is also a great way of creating electrical interiors. Offsetting large floral prints, with geometric paints can make your interiors vibrant and live. However, if you don’t like floral prints, go for the traditional patterns like Ikat prints. There are a wide variety of wall art prints online, giving you a wider
  4. Get the floors to do the work as well. A heavily patterned floor with art-filled or bright colored walls makes quite a statement. To add to the shebang, you can also include ceramic and bronze sculptures.
  5. We spoke about letting the natural light in. Now let’s talk about making a statement with artificial lights. Light sources can add a lot of drama to the drawing space. Be it ceiling lights, a glamorous gold lampshade, or a modern crystal chandelier can be a great piece of statement. Large size or a shiny finish can make a great focal point.
  6. Mirrors are the quintessential accessory for creating an illusion for more space and light. Hence, it adds to the luxe and shiny feeling. So try hanging at least one big mirror, if not more behind the sofa or a credenza, to create the illusion. Simple and large wall mirrors add to the bling of the room without accessorizing it much. You don’t have to ornate a mirror to glam up the look, a basic frame will do the job. However, if you don’t find a large mirror to be suitable, you can try creating a similar effect by clubbing mirrors.
  7. When it comes to hanging artwork in the living room, the bigger the framed art or canvas is, the more high-end feel will be emanated from the room. If there is a budget limitation, then choosing an inexpensive painting that looks high end can be a challenge. Art is subjective and personal hence, preferences can vary. So turn to local flea markets, local artists, or originally painted canvases or framed prints. They are affordable and can add a chic look to the room.
  8. Large rugs can create a high-end feel if you place them across the living room than just below the center table. The spread of the rug will quickly catch the eye of the visitor and make them feel the expanse of the room. From a budget point of view, large rugs can be costly, but if you look for natural fiber rugs like jute and sisal, they can be cost-efficient. They are often woven with other materials to give a softer feel.
  9. Add a few large decorative accessories like a large vase or a wood sculpture in the living room. Keep them oversized but minimal in design. It will create an artful silhouette.

Here’s how you can add drama to your sober living room. So It’s time you get indulged in some shopping spree now.

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