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4+2 Magnetic Maremma Beaches – Where Tuscany’s Hypnotic Appeal Meets Refined Luxury

Maremma is one of the most heart-stopping regions in the Tuscany area and home to not only fab crystalline waters and sandy beaches but also spellbinding scenery. The Maremma coast belongs to the Grosseto province and provides access to the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as an abundance distinguishing the vegetation in the area, the cultural heritage, and the activities you could do here. So, besides the pristine Cala Violina, Talamone, Punta Ala, and La Feniglia beaches, which are among the most popular options, other Maremma diamonds waiting to pamper you with their charms, are: 

1. Marina di Alberese

Marina di Alberese features two different sections on its shore. The further side of the beach is quieter and nudism-friendly (aka Collelungo beach), while the first of its seven-kilometre sugary beach is for those who prefer to sunbathe with their swimsuits or bikinis! 

Anyways, the whole shore is full of dense Mediterranean scrub, while the only way to access it is via the Maremma Natural Park. As soon as you come out of the enchanting park, expect to have your jaw dropped by the fantastic panorama lying before you – the view of the azure sea dotted with the pristine Montecristo and Giglio Islands and the gorgeous ancient towers can be absolutely staggering. Note that there are no restaurants here, though, so bring some food along. 

2. Capezzòlo

You will find this scenic Maremma beach along the picturesque Castiglione della Pescaia town running from the port-channel to Punta Capezzolo. This beach follows the pattern of its other Maremma siblings in terms of the kind of sand it welcomes sunbathers with. Expect a super clean beach, and this refers to both its white sandy shore and its water. It’s also one of the most well-equipped shores in the Maremma region, with entertainment that stretches to well after sunset. Those visiting Capezzolo prefer activities like mini cruises, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and, of course, swimming. 

3. Cala di Forno

If you are looking for shores that offer much more than what you are used to expecting from a beach, then this is your place. Walking towards Cala di Forno will get you past a small bay filled with the aromas of lilies that bloom in the summer months. Combined with the awe-inspiring vistas of the Uccellina mountains in the background, this area is like earthy heaven as it lies cosily in the Maremma Regional Park. 

The only thing you do need to keep in mind is that Cala di Forno is closed from June through August as a means to better preserve nature in this particular area. So, if you really long to visit this magical spot in Tuscany, plan a fall, winter, or spring trip here!

4. Porto Ercole

The scenery changes quite drastically around Porto Ercole beach and is painted more with the shades of traditional coastal Tuscany, with lovely fishermen’s cottages lining a picturesque promenade and shores that please both those preferring pebbled shores and those adoring the gentle sensation of fine sand. The distinguishing feature of Porto Ercole is the numerous coves waiting to pamper you with their draw and special appeal. To be able to explore as many as you can, so you can pick your favourite one(s), you could consider renting a boat or a raft. 

Speaking of rocky coves with crystal-clear waters and pebble beach, Cala Piccola is yet another family-friendly beach that deserves your time. The same applies to Porto Santo Stefano beach that can surprise you with its beautiful inlets and bays, as well as the wild landscape. 

The best news ever? You may get the chance to visit all of these absolutely spectacular Maremma beaches within a couple of days if you choose one of the many luxury villas, mansions, and beachfront cottages for rent in the area! That way, you will have proximity to all the popular Tuscany shores and get yourself and your loved ones the VIP holidays you deserve, thanks to the superb range of amenities and services that come along with such rental properties! Enjoy! 

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