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Homeowner’s Guide to Types of Kitchen Cabinets Sunshine Coast

A lot of time and money goes into designing a kitchen, lighting, and decor. There are lots of smaller pieces to know in the kitchen but the big part of the kitchen needs not to be overlooked – the cabinets of the kitchen. You must have noticed some cabinets somewhere outside and you  desire to install them in your own kitchen. When you decide to install new kitchen cabinets Sunshine Coast, you should make sure that you have the knowledge of different types of cabinets which are all beautiful options at Kitchens By Bowen.

1.Shaker –  It is the most common style for cabinets. It has 5 pieces of the flat panel making a frame of 4 pieces and a single flat center panel the fifth piece. This is a famous trend because of the classic and simple look they offer to other contemporary or traditional designs. These cabinets have a lot of trademark characteristics like strong construction with quality wood, flat-paneled doors having rail frames, and utilitarian designs. When considering the materials used for the shaker style you will find high-quality American wood. The wood used in these cabinets is hickory, Cherry, quarter sawn oak, and maple.

2.Louvered – These cabinets are available with horizontal wooden slats and a high price tag. The design is seen on Windows, furniture pieces and interior doors. These cabinets add a different style to your kitchen. These cabinets are good for spaces that need ventilation because the doors contain spaces between every slat.

3.Flat panel or slab – Also called slab cabinet doors, these are stylish but simple. The flat-panel kitchen cabinet style provides minimalist form and hard lines and lacks any costly detail. The look of this makes it a great fit for both modern and contemporary kitchens. They can be constructed in a number of different ways. One feature of this style is that they have no frame but they are solids reflecting their name.

4.Inset – Just like the name, these cabinets are made up of an insert installed inside the cabinet frame instead of outside. Each storage design uses precise measurements to make sure that the wood fixes inside the frame and opens and closes correctly. These cabinets and kitchen drawers are the most expensive in the market but their classic look lasts years. It is easy to personalize it, create custom cabinets with either non beaded or beaded inserts.

5.Distressed – If you are looking for an antique style kitchen, you will probably like to go for distressed cabinets and drawers. Most of the manufacturers make them available and they come in any door style with the rubbed off corners and other techniques are done to give an antique feel.


If your kitchen needs an upgrade and you require to include more than just new drawers and cabinets, then shop at a showroom with kitchen and bath classic, and also you can chat with the experts and pick up the remaining necessities you may need.

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