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20 Unique Ideas to Make Stunning Walls with Cheap Wall Mirrors

Irrespective of whether you’re preparing to embark on renovations or you’re currently carrying out decoration works in your home, there’re many beautiful and interesting cheap wall mirror ideas to inspire you in either process. Apart from the vanity mirror hanging on your bathroom wall, you could make your walls both internally and externally, look stunning and more elegant with the use of cheap wall mirrors. Thus, mirrors are often used for wall decorative purposes. From the mirrored wall behind your kitchen’s countertop to wall mirror art in general, it is undeniably factual that mirrors have become a very important part of home decor. Modern and cheap wall mirror designs and styles are coming up as a result of creativity in ideas, new technologies and more or less because homeowners are now beginning to seek for innovations and distinctiveness in home decor. Check out HD Mirrors here to make stunning walls.

Unimaginable Decorating with Cheap Wall Mirrors

Generally, there are many spots around your house where cheap wall mirrors can be carefully placed to spark up the area. An apparent place is the living room. Extra-large and beautifully designed cheap mirrors with detailed frames can boost elegance the same way elaborate wall paintings do. Moreover, other possible decorative places in houses include the hallways (particularly at the end or along the walls), bedrooms, along with the staircase and the doorway. You can even place mirrors on the lobby walls. Whatever the locations in your house, the main secret to decorating walls with mirrors is proper positioning with creative ideas on how to mix and match them, and making sure the mirrors accurately capture incoming light at all times. Besides, the genuine beauty of a wall mirror is revealed by light. So, if there’s little or no light reaching the mirror, it is absolutely a wise idea to add light fixtures.

In spacious and larger areas such ballrooms and living rooms, it is a brilliant idea to hang beautiful mirrors of different shapes and sizes, sure that the mirrors perfectly complement each other, minimizing the competition for attention. For example, a combination of cheap mirrors with varying sizes. And with each and every one of them is uniquely designed with different frames that blends perfectly with the rest. Usually, wall mirror combos often blend best, when all the mirror pieces are carefully hung on a single wall. These mirrors on the wall, create a sort of a sublime gallery that becomes the focal point of the room. Always choose wall positions which are directly opposite windows which allow the aligned wall mirrors to reflect the incoming light around, creating a dazzling environment.

More so, you can creatively set up the cool interplay between wall mirrors and other house objects. For instance, placing large mirrors where they reflect art pieces opposite them, positioning mirrors to reflect outside views straight into the house, or just go for one of those awesome mirror TVs which transform to mirrors when turned off.

With decorative cheap wall mirrors, the frames alone play a vital role in the mirrors overall design. In as much as you might add different stylish frames for varying mirrors shape, it is very idealistic to be tilted towards a specific theme scheme. You shouldn’t have mirrors with industrial-style metal frames and others with country-style wooden frames. Thus, it’s a cool idea to stick to a single theme even for cheap wall mirrors set up in different rooms.

In the real estate and home décor worlds today, mirror tiles are increasingly becoming popular. They make for stunning kitchen and bathroom walls (particularly when combined with proper lighting) and are surprisingly easy to maintain. Mirror tiles often come in different patterns, which adds glamor to any room they are used in. You can go ahead to create very beautiful and elegant walls with the use of just mirror mosaic tiles.

Take a moment to look at some possible “20 Unique Ideas to Make Stunning Walls with Cheap Wall Mirrors” we’ve gathered and hopefully they’ll get you inspired.

1. Decorating with Cheap Mirrors

Decorating with Cheap Mirrors
First and foremost, in a bid to make our homes very conducive and livable, we turn to fill them with numerous things both functional and fashionable. Moreover, there are things that if not present, make your home incomplete. Thus, mirrors are definitely one of those things we all poses, for varying reasons. It is fair to say that mirrors are both necessities and luxuries without which we wouldn’t be able to do minor things like check our appearances before heading out of the door.

On the design perspective, mirrors are a great tool used in opening space, and their reflections which make a room feel larger than it actually is. Most often, we place mirrors in our homes with regards to functional aspects rather than the fashionable. In effect to this, most of you are greatly missing a point here. Not only are mirrors fun to decorate homes with, but with little skills and creativity, cheap mirrors can easily transform your home to an epitome of genuine beauty. Since great designing advice cannot go without a couple of cool examples, here are several ways to completely transform your home with the use of cheap mirrors, irrespective of whether you’re the most innovative or just another skillful person out there. Even in the most basic of circumstances, there’re always chances for absolute creativity with your cheap wall mirrors. In this space, doubling these mirrors is often just the beginning of the fun. It eventually leads into an eye-catching moment of symmetry paired with identically shaped house plants on either side. And for a final touch, a dash of bright orange at the tops of each frame is a colorful addition to a room composed of mostly neutral objects and greens. The bowl of oranges on the table is another clever way of picking up the frame colors while tying them to the natural elements of plants.

2. Geometric Inspired Mirror

Geometric Inspired Mirror
When choosing mirrors for your favorite room, it isn’t ideal to feel confined in your choices of frames to either rectangular, round, square, triangular or a few curly designs around the edges. They’re all cool ideas that work well in different settings, but don’t be scared to be adventurous in your ideas and to go for something a little bolder and out of the cards. Try to come up with a mirror that leaves no doubts as to who is the boss of the room. Comprised of large, gold frames, which are carefully shaped into stunning geometric patterns. It is so alluring that the central reflective surface seems like an afterthought. Get creative!

3. Oversized Mirrors

Oversized Mirrors
Better still, given that you’re after more reflections in mirrors, feel free to get as much as you can, by exploring your ideas. The gigantic, ornamentally framed mirror works on so many cool levels. Not only does it massively provide you with all your desired mirror space, it also beautifully opens up any room by giving an optical illusion of more available space.

4. Mirrors in The Gallery Wall

Mirrors in The Gallery Wall
A gallery wall is absolutely the perfect way to bring out the feel of your own unique personal style and personality. Behind the bed or dresser, you can make a great spot to prepare and design with the use of cheap wall mirrors. Mirrors make a superb addition to gallery wall displays, especially when they’re featured as the central of attraction. In your home or office, you can position a pair of elegant-looking mirrors, flanked on both sides by amazing wall art. Take special note that the use of identical mirror frames, brings the look of the whole wall display together while the addition of a round mirror at the top, breaks up the shapes and boosts up the visual interest.

5. The More Mirrors Aligned Together, the Merrier

When it comes to wall mirrors, the most common and conventional wisdom is the one mirror per room. But why should you stop there? Do not limit yourself. Another cool idea to approach using mirrors on wall gallery’s, is to make an entire display of mirrors, carefully aligned together in organized patterns.

6. A Hallway of Mirrors

Hallway of Mirrors
You can expand your hallways with the extensive placement of mirrors all through the entryway in some fine fashion. Mirrors are always a brilliant idea in any small spaced area. And using a gallery wall to put decorative mirrors, adds significant artistic twists to a traditional design age.

7. Bathroom Mirror Wall

Bathroom Mirror Wall
Just about every bathroom has a mirror over the sink, but a mirror wall behind the tub is definitely a unique move. Combined with a freestanding tub (or any other) and a chandelier, this beautiful antique mirror wall will add a touch of old-world charm and glamour to your bathroom.

8. Mirror Pendants

Mirror Pendants
It cannot go without reiterating yet again that mirrors are very important and functional pieces to have in your home. But it definitely doesn’t have to end there only. Try a trio of hanging pendant mirrors which will make a beautiful hanging wall impression, which is way more fashionable than functional.

9. Create A Mirror Motif/Design/Pattern

Mirror Motif
Have you ever thought of this? Be creative and use your spare time on your cheap mirrors. Try a wall-mounted, crystal-shaped mirror which is an eye-catching piece all by itself. Pair it with a mirrored credenza (a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers) and you’ll get a centerpiece that will amazingly set the pace for your entire room.

10. A Mirror with a Splash of Color

Mirror with a Splash of Color
We scarcely think of wall mirrors as helping out with a room’s color grandeur, but with a little creativity and the right frames, that can undoubtedly be achieved. Carrying out a paint job on your large wall mirror frames can make it a vital part of the color story in your favorite room. Try a combination of orange and bright yellow which will make a big splash and impression in a modern, eclectic room full of interesting and colorful pieces.

11. Mirrors in Unexpected Places

Mirrors in Unexpected Places
Generally, walls and floors are just the perfect places for functional mirrors. But adopting the use of mirrors as a fashion design feature opens up a completely new sphere of real possibilities. In your home, your doorway can be mirrored in a metallic sparkle, giving the area a new layer of cool character along with some much-needed warmth.

12. Mirrored Kitchen Backsplash

Mirrored Kitchen Backsplash
A mirrored backsplash is definitely an amazing way of giving your kitchen a whole new level of style and bling. You can carefully organize mirrored tiles in a brick formation, which is a modern and creative update on industrial style kitchen backsplashes.

13. Mirrored Bar Cart

Mirrored Bar Cart
Mirrors aren’t just for placing on walls. There are many other places in your home where a surprise mirror can give your home décor the significant boost it needs. How about making your bar cart even more gorgeous? All it takes is a few strategically placed mirrors which creates a classic effect with a very luxurious feel.

14. Bedside Mirror Art

Bedside Mirror Art
This is a very innovative art installation which features hexagonal mirrored tiles that stretches from the wall all through to the floor where it takes up some parts of the floor. Such a design connects the room in unexpected and interesting ways, for instance, leaving spaces for little flourishes, like the missing tiles, gives the view an extra touch of character.

15. Mirrored Stairs

Mirrored Stairs
This might look weird on first site. Chillax and applaud the sense of creativity. mirrors on stairs are likely not common, but we can’t completely deny that as a personal concept, it is pretty cool. It basically entails carefully placing cheap mirrors all through the stairs, for a unique look and feel.

16. Light Up Starburst Mirror

Light Up Starburst Mirror
You can use plastic garden sticks and spikes to create a lovely light up starburst mirror. It looks beautiful while hanging in a doorway or over a sofa console table and it is really simple to make. The lights make it come alive. There are no specific lights for that purpose. Even a small set of Christmas lights can work. This mirror helps saves some bucks which could have been spent on lighted mirrors.

17. Decorative Tile Bathroom Mirror

Decorative Tile Bathroom Mirror
You can buy cheap mirrors and use your creativity to turn them into gorgeous tile mirrors for your bathroom. This one is a bit complex but doable and it is absolutely perfect for affixing a matching tile mirror above your vanity table. You will have to pick up small tiles from a local home improvement store, (they’re pretty cheap).

18. Full-Length Canvas

Full-Length Canvas
You might find yourself greatly inspired by some stunning, extra-long canvases that can fill your wall completely. Use them as a major feature because, they’re not only art but will add texture, interest, and depth to your room!

19. Retro Looking Trellis Mirror

Retro Looking Trellis Mirror
I love the evolutionary look of trellis mirrors which are made to look like old pieces of trellis. This would be so great in living rooms or bathrooms, and it doesn’t take long to fabricate. Once you’ve had all wooden pieces carefully cut, simply proceed by fashioning the design over a large mirror piece or any mirror you intend to give a new look and feel to. You can do this practically all types of mirrors including round mirrors, if that’s what you’ve got.

20. A Simple Classic Touch

A Simple Classic Touch
Finally, there’s definitely nothing wrong with keeping close tabs with the classics. You can simply put a very large round mirror in a room. It is a very beautiful classic addition to a downgraded room with an excess of charm and style. What makes working with mirrors much fun is particularly how versatile they are. No matter how bold or simple you intend to be, there’s always a mirror that sees things from the same perspective as you do. Get creative and get your cheap wall mirrors up to standard.