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How Salt Lamps Are Good For Asthmatic Patients? Where Can I Place Them?

Salt rock lamps are the trendiest accessories in the construction industry. In the traditional construction, many people preferred having lamps that are placed inside glass boxes. The glass boxes were custom designed for the homeowners according to their needs. They were designed to be placed in different positions inside and outside the homes. With the advent of technology that is used in mining and artistic curving skills, salt rocks lamps have become popular among interior designers, architects, and the homeowners. Homeowners prefer having the salt lamps within their homes as compared to the traditional lighting accessories. There are different designs that the salt lamps are available in the current markets. Reading this article will help you understand more about salt lamps in the construction industry. The information could change our perception about either traditional lighting or slat lamps.

What are salt lamps?

Lighting your house requires that the lights are professionally and meticulously installed. Interior designers are skilled in identifying eth most suitable location of installing the lighting accessories including slat lamps. But, what are salt lamps?Salt lamps are modern lighting accessories that are made from simple light bulbs and a naturally existing salt rock mined from the Himalayas. The slat rock is mined from large boulders of rock that have special minerals embedded in them. When they are mined, they are then drilled at the middle or any other point to create a hollow space. Space is designed in a way that a particular lamp design can fit perfectly. The creation of the slat rock is done using special tools and by professionals with special techniques to avoid damaging them. In instances when they are damaged, they may not be repaired, and they are considered as waste. To minimize such cases, the miners ensure that the slat rocks are handled carefully from the mining to the decoration and the shipping process.
Salt Lamps

Why are salt lamps preferred today more than the traditional lighting accessories?

Have you ever wondered why when a new thing is introduced into the construction industry, every homeowner is eager to install it in their homes? Well, you might not have thought about it, but the truth is that many homeowners want to transform their homes from the traditional looking homes to the contemporary more attractive homes. There are many reasons homeowners give for their preference for salt lamps as lighting accessories within eth home spaces. The following are the most general reasons that can be helpful in helping you understand the salt lamps.

They are useful in cleaning the air

What does is meant by cleaning the air? We live in an environment that has contaminated air. The level of pollution in the society today has continually gone up. This is due to the high amount of fumes and dust particles released into the air due to human activity. The tiny dust and pollen particles may be invisible but may cause serious health implications to our health. Purification of the air today is done using humidifiers and air conditioners in our homes and offices. However, the salt lamps have been identified as being helpful in the purification of air. Specialists describe the salt lamps that are fitted with lamps in the hollow space as producing negative ions from their surfaces. The negative ions then attract water droplets from the atmosphere since they are positively charged. The attraction between ions of different polarities leads to the dust particles being attracted together with the water on the surface of the salt rock lamps. However, the water which evaporates at high temperatures is released back to the atmosphere when the salt lamp produces heat which evaporates the water. In the same way, the air is purified and kept humid by the water that evaporates back to the atmosphere. If you are looking to humidify the air in your house without even you noticing, the salt lamps could be a good option for you compared to the humidifiers.

They are attractive accessories

Modern houses require attractive accessories placed in different positions. Traditionally, having an antique wall clock and art would be enough to make the house look warm and inviting. However, in modern time, putting extra effort into enhancing the elegance and attractiveness of the home can be a great ordeal. Having salt lamps adds a fashionable look into your interior décor. When they are lit up in the evening or during the night, they produce light that illuminates the house. The lighting may be different according to the color of the salt lamp. However, all colors of salt lamps create a warm and inviting atmosphere for many people in the long run. When placed in the right position, it can act as a centerpiece for the other accessories within a particular room.

They are helpful for asthmatic patients.

Asthma results from inflammation of the pulmonary muscles caused by allergens such as pollen and dust. Individuals who have breathing problems due to dust particles in the atmosphere would greatly benefit from having slat lamps within their homes. The salt lamp’s characteristic of removing the particles from the air makes it suitable for people with asthma conditions. Ideally, families with such patients within their homes prefer installing the salt lamps in different rooms within the house where the patients frequent. Although there is no scientific proof for this occurrence, it is considered to be useful for many individuals with the condition.

What should I look out for when buying the salt lamps?

Buying slat lamps for your home could be exciting but challenging. There are various factors to consider before deciding to venture into buying slat lamps as accessories for your home. The following are the fundamental factors you should consider when purchasing them.
Salt Lamps

The color of the salt lamp

The color of the salt lamp is an important factor that every homeowner should look out for. The salt lamps come in different colors and are useful for the decoration of the homes. Homeowners ought to have precision when selecting the color they want to purchase for their homes. Ideally, it is recommended that the homeowner should purchase salt lamps that are of similar colors to the house themes. The theme of the home is what is initially noticeable and having slat lamps that complement the theme would be recommended. A common mistake committed by homeowners is buying slat lamps that do not match the themes of the house. This ends up creating an unattractive environment in the long run. To have an attractive space within your house, you need to ensure that the color of the slat lamp you chose is in sync with the rest of the home.

The size of the salt lamp

There is a difference in the size of the salt lamps that would be installed in small and large houses. A homeowner should know the actual size of the space they want to place their salt lamps. The salt lamps may be available in different sizes, and it is upon the homeowner to decide on the size of the salt lam thy want to install in their house. For smaller spaces, it would be recommended that only small-sized lamps should be installed. Small sized lamps can be put on locations that are so visible to people. Consequently, large rooms require larger salt laps so that they can illuminate and create an attractive environment in the long run. The interior designers could be helpful in decision making regarding the right size of salt lamps to install in particular spaces within a house.

The shape of the crystal salt lamp

Salt lamps can be customized to the requirements of the homeowners. The customization is mostly due to the location the salt lamps are to be placed when in need of a customized salt lamp, the homeowner should identify the shapes that they need. Due to the advancement of skills and technology today, it is possible to create the homeowner prefers different designs. When in need of the customized salt laps a specialized dealer should be consulted to minimize errors and the chances of damage.

Where can I place my salt lamps?

Salt lamps that you have purchased for your home can be placed in different places ranging from your kitchen to your bathroom. But which is the most appropriate place to set the salt lamp to maintain elegance and class in your house?

The staircase wall

Staircase walls have lights that illuminate the way for ease of movement. Placing alt lamps along the stair rails can be a great idea for homeowners in contemporary houses. They illuminate the stairway and create a warm environment.

The dining area

The dining area requires proper lighting during meals. How about spicing the lighting with colored slat lamps? They can either be placed on the dining table or the walls. However, when more than one slat lamps are placed, they should be of similar color so that there is no clashing or weirdness in the lighting.