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Why Carpools Love the Lincoln Navigator

Whether it’s to help reduce traffic, cut down on fossil fuel consumption, or to simply have a more pleasant ride, cars are better off packed full of people than just carrying a solo driver. Carpools are healthier for the environment, and driving is more fun when you’re with colleagues, friends or family.

But some vehicles are better to carpool in than others, and when you need to drive many people together nothing beats a Lincoln Navigator! Read on to learn some of the reasons why.

Sprawling Comfort for Everybody

Driving all bunched up isn’t very fun, and nothing lets everybody in the vehicle relax like a Lincoln SUV, full-size or even mid-size. The Navigator is famous for its sumptuous comfort: it’s a three-row beast where the second and third row is as comfortable to sit in as the driver’s seat.

The amount of leg-room will blow you away, and so will the ease with which the one-touch tilt-and-slide second-row seats make it easy for passengers to get seated in the back. There’s a difference between a vehicle that can manage to transport so many people by packing them in like sardines, and one that can ferry seven adults in such lavish comfort. Speak to Lincoln leasing experts to find a flexible arrangement that suits your budget, so you can pick everybody up in more style for less money.

Safety Features to Protect Everyone

Lincoln might have made its name decades ago as a manufacturer of sophisticated luxury vehicles, but today’s SUVs are loaded with cutting-edge technology that will not only impress, but will keep you, your passengers and everybody on the road safe.

The Navigator has in it the Lincoln CoPilot360 advanced driver-assist program, which is a bundle of sophisticated features that help you drive safely and with confidence. An available Lane-Keeping System uses sophisticated sensors to determine if the vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of its lane, and the vehicle takes corrective action.

Another important one is the forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking and pre-collision assist. The driver will hear and see an alert if there’s a risk of a collision, while the vehicle’s brakes are readied for an emergency stop.

With cameras and sensors to help you see other cars in your blind spot and automatic head-beam headlights, the entire carpool will enjoy the added safety features of the Lincoln Navigator.

Media Features Galore

The Lincoln Navigator makes it extremely easy for everyone in the car to get full use out of their devices. Whoever’s driving will love using the navigation features by voice command. The vehicle itself is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that connects up to 10 devices to the internet.

A killer sound system makes your favourite music sound great, something everybody in the carpool can enjoy.

Travel will be a joy instead of a hassle when you can shuttle everybody around in such a supremely comfortable, safe and entertaining atmosphere. For years, there’s been simply no vehicle more luxurious and capable of doing this than the Lincoln Navigator, and the 2020 version is only an improvement.