Monday, April 19, 2021

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Why Seattle is The Best Market for Real Estate Investment in 2019?

Are you thinking of investing in the real estate market in 2019? But not sure which city property gives you better returns. No worries, we are here to help you. The Seattle real estate market is one of the hottest topics in the country. Though investing in Seattle city is a little bit expensive and give many investors pause. But, there are many reasons to invest in Seattle in 2019 and upcoming years.

  • Seattle Real Estate Market Trend: Seattle real estate investment has been one of the profitable markets in the country over a year. As per the recent report of, just six months ago, the average Seattle home sold for 6.3% above its listing price. Now, its average listing is 6.6% below the price. According to real estate company Redfin, last month the average sale of the home in Seattle was $670 last month, down 2.8% last year. Planning a home in Seattle? Don’t forget to consult with a professional mortgage lender.
  • Townhouse Seattle Real Estate Investments: If you wish to buy a townhouse in Seattle you will get many benefits. There are no rental caps, which means you can rent your houses as long as you want within the Seattle guidelines.
  • Investment in Apartment: Buying an apartment is a profitable real estate investment. Because of the good cooperate growth, you can rent tenants in your apartments and get substantial rent from them. All in all, investing in an apartment is a favorable thing if you are looking for long-term real estate investment. To make the buying process easier, you can take the help of a Mortgage Broker.
  • The excellent return on investment: Just because Seattle has been one of the hottest tops in the real estate investment market, it goes without saying that people who invest their money on Seattle real estate property will surely receive high ROI. Home properties are appreciable in 2019 and upcoming years. Hence, the demand of home continues to increase. Lastly, we have mentioned above in Seattle you will get certainly profit from the rent. This means investing in the Seattle market in 2019 cannot be a bad decision for you. So, if you convinced with our research on Seattle real estate investment market, you can take the help of a mortgage broker who can guide in the best direction.
  • The massive rental market: According to the real estate analytics around a third of the US population rent their homes. And in the Seattle housing market, the rate is half. However, the rate is slowing down, but it is difficult for people to buy a first home. So, they prefer to rent a home. So, stabilizing rent is a great reason to invest in the Seattle real estate market.

Bottom line:

We hope, now you are convinced that why the Seattle housing market is your next real estate investment option. As house market rate is slowing down in 2019, as a renowned real estate investor you should take the advantages of this. Keep in mind, Real estate is an imperishable asset, that value always increasing by time. In the event, if you need a home loan you can contact the best mortgage lender in Seattle.

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