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How to Find the Best Roof Boxes for Your Car

Car roof boxes are a quick way to instantly increase your car’s storage capacity. Think of it as luggage for your car. If you travel often and for extended periods, buying one of these boxes can double what you can carry with you. If you’re interested in expanding your current vehicle storage, here are some suggestions to help you find the best roof box for your car.

Check Your Car’s Manual

The first step before addinganything to your car is always to check your car’s manual. It provides relevant information about capacities and loads your car can safely haul. This starting point gives you a rough guide for choosing theright roof box size for your vehicle.

Measure Your Roof

To get a good idea for the actual size roof box your car can safely accommodate, measure the car’s roof, including length and width. This figure will give you the general limits for the bottom of the roof box. This measurement also prevents over-sizing your box. Ideally, a roof box should be at least three to four inches narrower than the roof on each side. It should also be four to six inches shorter than the front and rear roof ends from the side view when centred on the roof.

Measure the Longest, Biggest and Heaviest Item You Plan to Haul

If you’re considering adding a roof box to your car, you’lllikely already have some idea of which items you need to haul. Take inventory and pick out the longest, bulkiest and heaviest items you plan to store in the roof box. Measure the dimensions, and also weigh the heaviest item you plan to carry as well. Doing so gives you both the size requirements of the box as well as weight limits. With your roof box properly sized and measured, you’re ready to shop for your box.

Choose between Soft and Hard Roof Boxes

It’s important to determine which style of roof box best fits your needs. You may want to consider a soft side roof box if you plan to carry only clothing and no long or bulky items.Alternatively, a hard side roof box may be preferable for longer items. Match the roof box to your vehicle as well as your personal needs and preferences.

Shop with Safety and Fuel Use in Mind

As you shop for roof boxes, keep safety first and foremost in mind. The roof box must have a safe and secure attachment. Remember, you’ll be travelling at high speeds for extended hours with it. Even firmly tied-down items have a tendency to loosen over time.

It’s also important to keep in mind that items attached to any part of any vehicle increase that vehicle’s drag or wind resistance. This resistance impacts petrolusage. The most effective way to limit this impact is to shop for an aerodynamically-shaped box. This means the box should have a very low front profile, and the rear of the box should be the highest point.

Look for Simple Installation/Removal

Another important point to consider is whether you want your roof box to be permanently attached. Some roof box owners prefer to remove them during extended times of non-use. If you plan to remove and re-attach your box often, shop for roof boxes that are easy to install and remove.