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Kitchen Designers Can Help Keep Your Kitchen Remodel Costs Affordable

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home, and for many homeowners having their “dream kitchen” is high on their list of priorities, but it isn’t an expense to take lightly. On average it can cost between $25,000 and $40,000 to get a quality upgrade. That’s because in many cases the job includes several services, including demolition, plumbing, and rewiring. But not everyone has a “go big or go home” attitude. Some want to avoid messing with the bones of the kitchen they have and prefer to simply give their kitchen a facelift without committing to a major renovation. A more budget-conscious person might spend anywhere from $75 to $250 per square foot on redoing the kitchen, so embracing a smaller space can be an advantage.

Factors to Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

There are many factors at play when pricing a kitchen remodel. One of the first is where you live. New Jersey has one of the lowest average costs with a price between $6,000 and $14,000. California kitchen remodels, however, average between $27,000 and $53,000. Getting the materials and paying for labor are only part of the expense. Depending on regulation in your area, there may be various building permits to maintain, and you may need an expert to help you determine if structural changes to your kitchen are necessary or even possible. 

At Angi, formerly known as Angie’s list, we can help you look at all the factors at play when it comes to your kitchen remodel cost. Is your heart set on the latest smart appliances? Can you resurface counters and cabinets instead of replacing them? By listing out your wishes and priorities you can find a happy medium that is budget-friendly and will give you a kitchen you can be proud of.

How Kitchen Designers Can Help You Navigate Your Project

Just because you see your dream kitchen in your head doesn’t mean that you have all the details down. In order to take the best part of your dream and turn it into a functional kitchen, there needs to be some serious designing going on. Working with professional kitchen designers is one way many people are able to best get their vision for a great kitchen into their home.

While it may seem that kitchen designers want to live vicariously through you, so they can design the most extravagant kitchen, that often is far from true. Many of the designers that can be found through Angi pride themselves on their ability to design with efficiency and effectively incorporate the homeowner’s ideas into their design plan without breaking the bank. 

Big open concept kitchens may be all the rage, but there are plenty of designers that can help you make the most of your existing layout and can save you from expensive rewiring projects or having to clean up after a knocked-down wall.

A good designer will also take the time to learn how you use your kitchen in order to suggest the most economical materials to use that will serve your purpose and look great for years to come. Trends may matter this year, but if you want your kitchen to remain a functional space you enjoy spending time in it’s best to think a bit deeper.

Another thing you can possibly let go of is the idea of new custom cabinets. In many cases resurfacing your existing cabinets can still give you a great look without the mess and expense of demolition and rebuilding.

How deep you want to go into your kitchen remodel depends on your budget and tastes as well as your plans for how long you want to stay in your home. If you are upgrading a fixer-upper, and you plan to stay a while, the upscale changes may be worth it to you. If your time in your home may be coming to a close, surface changes might be best. They can help you when you sell the home, and won’t be a wasted expense if new owners decide to tear everything down for their own dream kitchen.

To learn more about what your kitchen remodel might cost, contact Angi to get in touch with kitchen designers in your area that can get you started with an estimate.