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The Essential Equipment and Accessories You Need to Start Riding a Motorcycle

So you’re finally following the dream, and you have your eyes set on the right machine for you. What else do you need to get started?

Well, a few things actually. Choosing the right motorcycle is the easy thing to face, but knowing what gear to invest in is a question that leaves most new bikers stumped.

Why you need the right motorcycle accessories and equipment:

There are a few things you want to consider when shopping for your new gear. First comes safety – so what equipment can ensure your safety at all times? If you want to ride a motorcycle, then you have to accept

the risks that come with it. Not taking the time to invest in items that could potentially save your life, would be pretty reckless – and not in a cool way.

Next – what’s your style? Part of the experience is making sure that you’re geared up to look the part, so you want to make sure you invest in the kind of arsenal that will make you feel like a million bucks while on that ride. The good news about protective bike gear is that there are many stylish options available for your perusing and you can even buy them online in shops like American Legend Rider. Let’s get started!


Rule #1: always wear a helmet. The greatest rookie mistake in biking comes from those who are overzealous and too confident, without realizing how quickly things can change, just because you were too cool to wear a helmet. Luckily there are different styles to satisfy the pickiest rider out there. You might want to be on the lookout for a helmet with a detachable visor, to keep the sun out of your eyes.


Keeping your hands protected is just as important as shielding your head. Using a good quality pair of gloves can make you feel less tense about the chances of crashing and getting scraped up. Investing in a functional but also sick pair of motorcycle gloves is a game changer. Some high-quality gloves with extra padding around the knuckles work best, as they wrap around your hands while still feeling comfortable.


As it goes for your skull and hands, paying attention to how protected your feet should be, is also a priority. Sneakers or, god forbid, sandals, will just get in you in trouble, as they could easily slip off and leave your feet exposed. A proper pair of leather boots is the only way to go. Opt for some leather shoes that cover up your ankles – they will shield your toes, as well as your ankles from harm.

Leather Jacket

Who doesn’t want to be the embodiment of James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause”? Leather jackets aren’t just a fashionable choice but can offer enough coverage to keep you from scraping yourself up, too. A classic cut leather jacket with all the zippers and straps is a biker must-have, and the ladies will agree.

Body Armor

If you are looking into off-roading and are in need of proper armor that is comfortable to wear, but also breathable, you will encounter quite a few options – what should you be looking for? Cushioning your chest, shoulders, elbows, but also your outer thighs and shins are monumental, as these are the areas you are likely to land on when flying off your bike. A body armor set could be the perfect choice for you, as they come with all the pieces you need to cover up the important parts of your body.

Biker bag

Of course, you will need to have a place to stash your keys and cash, without worrying that they will fall out of your pockets. A bag will do just that for you, and for bikers, there are a few kinds to choose from. You can opt for a saddlebag or a tail bag, but the most practical item for every day is the cross-body bag. Look for something like a biker sling knapsack, which usually comes with several pockets so you can compartmentalize your stuff without losing track of it while on the go.


Of course, there is an avalanche of items you can buy to make your first ride a safe and fun one, but it does pay off to think about the very basic essentials first. Make sure you don’t only choose accessories that look cool, but are also well-designed and comfortable, while protecting you from harm.

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