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How To Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Even though they’re not your own, it’s worth taking care of them as if they were. Hair extensions require some care to stay beautiful and strong. Learn more about how to wash them and adjust the type of shampoo to avoid any damages.

Using hair extension is not a domain of performers and showbiz stars anymore. Instead of changing their looks instantly, many people use it to add their hairstyle to some volume. Of course – you can try to achieve the same effect with cosmetics. However, in some cases, it’s not enough to use a shampoo or conditioner with rich formula.

If they don’t work for you, hair extensions may turn out to be your salvation! It’s perfect for all the events during which you want to look spectacular, but there’s nothing wrong with using it every day, too. And if you want an instant metamorphosis, there is no faster solution than extending your strands.

Synthetic vs. Natural – how to properly wash your hair if you have the extensions?

If you invest in high-quality strands, it’s worth knowing how to take care of them. In the case of synthetic strands, washing in water from time to time will be enough. The shampoo will most likely do them more harm than good.

The natural strands – which are gaining popularity due to resistance to damage – need a little more attention. Generally, it’s worth trying to treat them like the hair that grows on your head – which means they need to be washed with shampoo and conditioner from time to time.

If you use the clip-on strands (probably the most popular hair extensions UK), you should remove them from your head and wash them separately. The best is to place them in the bowl with warm water, then soak and rinse a few times. You may add a little shampoo to the mixture and then the conditioner at the ends. 

In the case of professional extensions from the salon (tape in hair extensions method or micro-link method), you obviously won’t be taking them off. Since they’re attached to the scalp or your own strands quite tightly, you can wash them together with your natural hair. To protect them, you can use conditioning-washing-conditioning method. When you rinse your hair after applying the shampoo, it will be covered with a protective layer of conditioner.

Which shampoo should you choose for your hair extensions?

To protect your hair strands from damage, consider using shampoo without the SLS. It may dry up the extensions and make them fuzzy. You will benefit from that, particularly if your hair type is curly or wavy. 

How to dry up your hair extensions?

You can wait for your hair to dry up naturally, but a better idea will be to dry them with a hairdryer. Don’t worry – it won’t affect it in any way (but be careful not to rub it too much!). What could do some damage to the cuticle is drying with the towel. Try to be gentle – the natural extensions don’t have such regenerative powers as your own.