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7 Highly Effective Back Pain Remedies

Sometimes back pains can be as vulnerable as if there’s a stone roller running on your back. If you are unlucky, you might even face such problems from a very young age. With young, I don’t mean 40-year olds but the youngsters with age ranging from 18-25. They even go surgeries due to this unbearable pain in the back.

While the majority of the population suffers from back problems as they grow old and reach an age bar of 55-60. Back problems are usually a repercussion of a poor lifestyle, like lack of exercise or long hours of sitting. However, sometimes it is also because of an unfortunate accident or unprecedented mishap. None of the causes define that your back pain is here to stay (Thankfully!), which means it can be reduced or even eliminated provided you make a conscious thought to shift to a healthier lifestyle. This involves movement, exercise, physical therapy, and more. Here’s a detailed dig on it.

1. Limited Bed rest

Unlike other injuries and pains, in which doctors advise strict bed rest, your lower back pain is different. You would have a harder time and the pain would be more vulnerable if you choose a not-so-active lifestyle.

So, how much is too much? Well, don’t stick to your bed for three days at a run. The idea is to keep moving so that your back is not locked. Perform light daily chores, walk and go for stroll, but avoid resting for long hours.

2. Keep moving or exercising

Picking up from where we left in the previous point: if you want to keep your back pain at bay, exercising would be the best medicine anyone could suggest. If you can hit the gym with a personal trainer, that will be the best fix, otherwise, it is not a must.

Morning and evening walk, can also serve the purpose. However, make sure you do not perform any strenuous activities that cast pressure on your joints, especially back. Activities like gardening or cleaning the floor, which involves a lot of bending can do more harm than good.

3. Aim for a good posture

If your pain has gradually started to show up, it directly indicates that it has developed over the years, due to incorrect posture. Even if you have developed the pain through an accident in the gym, your posture must be corrected.

An incorrect posture means whenever you are performing daily activities, you are putting excessive strain on your back which will naturally make it weak over time and cause pain. The curve on your back should be correct and you must walk upright. A personal trainer or physio can render great help in these cases.

4. Get an appointment with a specialist

Rather than consulting with a general practitioner, instead, book an appointment with an orthopedic or physiotherapist, who are professionals of this field and deal with such problems on a daily basis.

The reason you are suffering from back pain can be completely unknown to us, you or even the GP. You cannot adjust when your health is at stake. Not only will they enlighten you with the real reason, but they will also show you the right path ahead.

5. Strengthen your core

The idea is simple, when you have a pain in a muscle group, or it is weak, you need to strengthen the muscle group opposite to it.

For instance, when your biceps are paining, you need to strengthen the triceps. Likewise, when your back is suffering, train your core.

6. Work on flexibility

Sometimes, too much tightness and tension on muscle groups also causes back pain. So, aiming to stretch your legs, so that it benefits your hamstrings and glutes. You can also do light exercises for your scapula and lats on the back.

7. Ice and hot packs

This is an age-old solution and an exemplary fix for back pain. Apply an ice pack for the first 48 hours, particularly if there’s a swelling, then you can switch to hot packs. However, if you feel any sort of skin irritation with either, you can switch the remaining option available.

Back pain is usually misinterpreted as a ‘casual’ pain and thus does not receive the desired attention. If not taken care of, it can cause major issues which later might keep you bed-ridden. Thus as it’s said – prevention is better than cure, take care of your back before its too late.

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