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Rocking promotional products in China – also in B2B!

Advertising or promoting products, such as pens, bags or T-shirts with logo printing, generate several thousand brand impressions in a single campaign. Promotional items not only present a high degree of customer orientation but also expand the company’s network. Especially in B2B, this viral character can have positive effects for your company. Referral marketing (affiliate marketing), trade fairs or meetings is possible in a friendly way via various media platforms. B2B target groups, in particular, are characterized by long-term loyalty; promotional gifts can achieve more substantial success than in the B2C area.

The right advertising media in B2B

In general, China target groups seem to be very quickly satisfied with their personalized advertising media. Products such as pens, T-
shirts, calendars and bags take first place in the popularity ranking of promotional items.

Long-term advertising of gifts is the tactic here! Refrain from cheap gifts that quickly break down; because if you give away a product that doesn’t work properly, the positive impression quickly turns into negative.

About Oyigift is a competent and innovative full-service provider in China. Our strengths lie in individual feedback since we have a wide range of creative problem solutions. However, that’s not all; by working directly with our suppliers, we have become capable enough to create and design our own wide range of products. Eventually, we offer our clients embroidered company logos on textiles products, engravings on USB gadgets or printed pens; we provide all these products and exceptional services.

Promotional gifts as a business card

Good promotional gifts not only express appreciation but also serve as a business card for your company. With high-quality giveaways, you can maintain and expand your business image among customers, new and existing business partners and potential business partners. In this way, promotional items become a profit for your company.

Promotional gifts and giveaways from promote long-term customer relationships.

We offer customer designs

Custom designs and customizations are part of our core business. You can put your company logo on the promotional item or its packaging using a variety of finishing options in different dimensions. For example, use printing techniques, embroidery or engravings for your advertising media. Seasonal articles not only inform potential recipients of upcoming events but also convey your advertising messages with a lasting memory effect!

Promotional gifts as advertisement

Do you want to increase the advertising impact of your company? Then you are exactly right in our shop for promotional items online! We offer our clients numerous packages and intensive advice on cheap giveaways and high-quality promotional gifts – depending on your advertising campaign.

Promotional giveaways for all industries

Refined promotional items and advertising giveaways can be used effectively in all industries. As a popular product with high demand, they are ideal for establishing long-term proximity with customers, acquiring new ones or for remaining in your memory. Besides, our giveaways are characterized by a particularly low loss of coverage among the target group. You will find the right promotional items online with us.
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