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The Benefits of Using Glass Railings Vs. Metal Railings and Where They Are Applicable

So, your house has a balcony, and you would want to take some time off for “me time.” You know, have a breath of fresher air and just allot the entire day to observe the view situated in front of you while you stay at the balcony. Maybe read a book or paint the scenery that you are currently witnessing. However, the problem is that you have no idea what type of railing would be suitable for this specific area. You are bombarded with several options out there, and you might even think that you might be picking the wrong choice.

Of course, who wouldn’t want a railing that is affordable, durable, and at the same time, appears luxurious or, in short, a whole package? Glass railings can satisfy what you are looking for.

Looking for more reasons why it is the best choice? Check out below!

Benefits of Opting for Glass Railings

Glass railings are versatile as they are compatible with any material and can be applied in various ways. Another advantage is its durability. Although we know them to easily break once it gets in contact with a hard object, there are now glass railings upgraded to withstand even the hardest objects. Lastly, this variety of custom railings is easy to maintain. Simply wiping them clean is enough and these are weather and corrosion resistant which means there is no need to apply some additional coating to protect their surfaces.

Adjustable to Any Area Size

The size of the glass railings can be modified to fit the area you wanted it to be mounted. Depending on your preference – whether you choose to have a closed setting for privacy or an entirely open area to increase the capacity of air entering your place, glass railings can be designed in any way. Moreover, you are also provided with the option to alter the transparency of the surface by frosting or blurring and have it personalized by adding patterns or shapes for a more aesthetically pleasing display.

Provides Extreme Safety

If you have kids who love to run around your entire house, you would be needing protection to prevent them from falling especially in elevated spaces. The glass railings can assist you with that matter. All possible areas where a person is in danger of falling can be covered by these railings. These also can function as protection from the weather, wind, and other outside elements that could possibly pose danger.

Such railing will not be subjected to corrosion nor any type of weather or chemical changes in the environment. It will not also crack, chip, or peel off in any way as well as change color because it is created to overcome such conditions. This is entirely different from metal railings which would require high maintenance.

Offers a Wider Breathing Space and Minimizes Crowding

The lighting and breathability of your space are the first things to consider when organizing and decorating the area. The glass railing will surely compliment the interior of your place. Almost every area in your home can be applied with it and it does not even disrupt the entrance of sunlight during daytime. With metal railings, they obstruct the path of the sunlight and block most of the view. Glass railings reduces the crowdedness of an area because it projects the entire view of the space permitting the individual to feel at ease. Glass railings are absolutely perfect when you aim for the minimalism interior concept and is a perfect match to earthy or elemental vibes.

Less Required Maintenance

Glass railings have no need for those complicated processes to maintain their original quality and preserve their longevity. Unlike metal railings, it rusts even when used indoors and would need constant polishing and coating for surface protection. The materials needed for its maintenance are also costly considering you have to constantly repeat processes monthly or yearly. The tools and equipment to scrape off the dust of the rust should also be purchased to avoid any unnecessary marks that can be left on the layers. The paint itself is very expensive too and would take days to completely dry off. In summary, maintaining a metal railing takes more money, time, and effort.

More Advantages than Metal Railings

Surely the glass railing outnumbers the metal railing in terms of the benefits it can offer. Appearance alone, it has more leverage than the metal railing because design-wise, it can be customized with a wider range of patterns and various colors without having to undergo many processes for its beautification.

Moreover, a glass railing gives you the entitlement to increase your property value, and surely its quality would not deteriorate a few years from now. On the other hand, the metal railing is inexpensive compared to the glass because of the costly maintenance efforts to consider and possible replacements to make once the quality deteriorates.

Take a look at your surroundings and notice all the most attractive places within your location that utilizes glass railings. Most high-end condominium and apartment buildings also corporate offices are utilizing this because it is totally a whole package and a perfect deal. It exudes elegance with a sleek finish while providing safety at a reasonable price.

Applications of Glass Railings

Glass railings are not limited to the balcony areas and are suitable for a wide range of applications. These even expand to the staircases, verandas, and fences. It can also be used on doors, windows, cabinets, or shelves. These are also applied in tables and chairs. Its purposes extend to many more furniture.


You can never go wrong with glass railings. Their functions just almost increase daily because there are newly discovered applications for these and are not just simply produced for mere sophistication. It is a whole package of features wherein it is durable, affordable, versatile, and flexible. What are you waiting for? Go and have your glass railings customized to reputable manufacturers. Make sure these services are legitimate and they offer consultations to guide you with how you want your railings to look.