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5 Awesome Ideas to Improve The Look Of Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. You get to start getting settled and make it your own. You may be picking out furniture and curtains or bedding you love for the first time in your life. These are all fun things you get to do in your own place and it’s sometimes the best part of moving into a new apartment.

Depending on how you found your new apartment you likely spent a decent amount of time researching where you want to live. Even if you used a dog friendly apartment locator to narrow down your possibilities it’s still something that takes some effort. You didn’t pick your new place because you don’t care at all about where you live. It’s probably quite the opposite.

Since where you live and how your apartment looks can change how you feel about your daily life it’s important to have an apartment that you love to be in. That means it’s time to get down to the fun task of decorating your new apartment and improving how it looks. There are some great ideas out there for you to try. Here are five awesome ideas to improve your apartment’s new look.

1. Use Area Rugs To Define And Decorate

Apartments usually come with the most basic carpeting possible. It’s also usually the same carpeting throughout the whole apartment. This is fine function-wise but it doesn’t do much for your personal style. Instead of letting it go take the chance to personalize your apartment easily with some area rugs.

Rugs can also help you define specific spaces a little more clearly since most apartments are a little ambiguous looking overall. Placing a rug in the dining area and a different one in the living room can help you create two separate spaces out of what might currently be one large room. It will feel more defined and pulled together if you use area rugs.

You can find area rugs at affordable prices almost anywhere including online. If you’re on a tight budget you can even check out local garage sales or online sites like Craigslist. As a bonus, area rugs will protect the apartment’s default carpeting a little more which means you might actually be able to get your deposit back when you move again.

2. Invest In A Few Really Good Pieces Of Furniture

It’s okay to save money and bug some budget items but there are times when it’s best to spend a little more and get a piece of furniture that is more upscale. Two key pieces of furniture that would be great investment pieces are a nice couch and a really good bed. These are two items you’re going to be using a lot and budget versions don’t always hold up well.

Having a good bed (a really nice mattress included) will affect how well you sleep and that’s a huge factor in your day to day life. You also want to be able to relax after work and watch TV or read a good book. If your living room is full of lumpy uncomfortable hand-me-downs then you aren’t going to be as relaxed as you could be.

You can still get a good deal if you look around. There are always good mattress sales going on and good couches can be found second hand if you shop smart. Sometimes people aren’t selling a couch because it’s terrible but because it just doesn’t suit their new taste or sense of style. Just make sure whatever you get is comfortable and sturdy. You’ll want it to last.

3. Brighten Up Your Walls

You don’t have to stick with the boring white walls your apartment came with. There are a lot of options that are apartment-friendly when it comes to sprucing up your walls now. You can get removable wallpaper (it applies like contact paper so it’s easy to just peel off when you move) and even wall tiles that stick to the wall and remove with ease.

Use the wallpaper to make your room feel more luxurious and wall tiles to add a backsplash to your kitchen. Personal touches like wallpaper and tiles will be what makes your apartment truly your own. Since they aren’t permanent your landlord won’t have an issue with them either which is good news for anyone renting a space with lots of decorating limitations.

4. Bring In Light

Your apartment may or may not have overhead lighting. If it does you can easily swap out standard lighting fixtures for something that’s more your style. Again, this is a change you can easily undo when the time comes so it’s another great opportunity to personalize your space without worrying too much.

If your apartment doesn’t have overhead lighting in every room remember to bring in some floor lamps and/or side table lamps. You can get some decent looking lamps at large retailers or online at reasonable prices. If you want to get fancy you can check out local antique stores to see what lamps they have. Either way, lighting is another chance to make your space your own.

5. Get Some Curtains To Warm Things Up

Even if your new place comes with blinds it’s a good idea to get some curtains for your new apartment. Curtains will help soften up how your apartment looks which means it will feel more luxurious and welcoming every day. They are yet another way to add in your personality in your new place, and as a bonus, they come with you when you move.

If you don’t have an idea about the type of curtains you want it’s easy to do a little research and find a good durable curtain option. Remember that you’ll need curtain rods too so don’t forget to shop for those when you’re buying your curtains. Bonus tip, measure your windows before you hit the stores so you’re sure you’re buying the right curtain rod size.


Enjoying your new apartment will be a lot easier if it feels like it represents who you truly are. The more you can do to decorate your apartment to your design tastes the better. Keep what you’ve read here in mind and use these tips to help create your dream space. You’ll love your new place, even more, when it feels like it was meant just for you.

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