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Everything You Need to Know about Ecommerce Marketing: A Complete Guide for Newbies: Main Definitions, Advantages, Challenges and Tips.

Ecommerce business that is more recognized as online shopping has become very popular nearly a decade ago. People apply to it more and more often as there they can be offered bigger amount of products and the prices in most of the cases are lower.

However, as online shopping requires less efforts, it means that not all clients make conversions immediately. In order to resolve this problem, companies implement ecommerce marketing strategies for clients to feel easier to make a decision about purchase.

The most difficult question is likely to be about understanding what makes client to buy exactly from this or that shop and not in any other. Newbies think that convenient, logical and good-looking website is what customers need. Unfortunately, it is not the only requirement. Businesses should know how to increase their online presence, how to turn your traffic into regular customers and persuade them to come back to you.

Experts from Omismedia are of strong opinion that absence of marketing or inbound marketing plan will lead to perceiving your website to a thousand of those with similar products. Such important things for ecommerce as marketing, search engine optimization, e commerce advertising strategies planning, traffic analysis will help business to attract and keep clients.

What ecommerce marketing is about?

In a few words, it is a practice that is focused on online customers to pay their attention to a particular website and persuades them to buy products.

What does it cover?

Generally, there are 3 aspects included:

  • Search engine optimization due to which a website can gain a higher position in search results;
  • joining to more popular websites via affiliate marketing or by banner advertising;
  • keeping existing clients by means of email marketing.

There is a lot in common of traditional marketing and ecommerce one. However, the latter one has its own unique challenges. Online customers don’t feel so great engagement as they could if decided to visit a physical store. It can be partially explained by the fact that visiting ecommerce store is as easy as a mouse click.

Besides, ecommerce shop owners have no opportunity to attract clients by catchy shopping windows. The atmosphere of relaxation and full service can’t, unfortunately, be created there as well.

However, those who are at least computer-literate will save a lot of time for shopping. Business owners at that moment win a lot as they don’t have to stand numerous additional charges as rent, salaries, educations programs, sick leaves and so on.

For which business will ecommerce marketing suit?

In fact, there are no restrictions, you can join no matter what you sell: gloves, vitamins, furniture, clothing and so on. There are cases when brands deliberately don’t launch ecommerce part as want visiting of their shop being associated with special feelings and emotions. Retailers in this case are, surprisingly, not interested in business extension and selling the goods at competitive prices.

What can make your ecommerce business more attractive?

In fact, there are numerous articles what is trendy this year. wants to focus exactly on the most popular directions nowadays:

Chatbots. They are perfect as clients can quickly get answers to the most urgent questions which are not always very complicated. However, you can’t leave all communication to the script – people will catch it very soon and it is better to combine such form of support with a real human.

Content marketing. Your simplest and reliable way to make good relations with the audience is in offering them interesting and helpful materials. We are not talking about advertising texts, but something in terms of your niche that can be used on practice: tips for cooking, advice about jogging, survey about books for reading this year and so on.

Influence marketing. There are certainly figures of the people who are important or trusted in your niche. Contact them to offer to try your products and after it share his or her impressions about them with the audience.

Voice search. The technology has started being used quite recently, however is very popular, especially if you are always on the go as saying your search request is easier and quicker than typing it. Make sure, you ecommerce store is friendly to it.

Remarketing. Chase your clients who spent particular time in studying your products. It becomes especially important if something was put into the basket. Show them ads of the products they have left and offer something tempting to come back and finish the purchase.

Some words about types of marketing platforms for ecommerce

There are plenty of them, big and small. The choice of the best can be caused by many factors as your niche, amount of functions you need, analytics and so on. Be ready that even free solutions may take fee for some functions or suddenly become paid platforms.

Starting from popular solutions like Shopify, BigCommerce can be a good option. Or, if you feel not confident, you can try with the same your colleagues have.

Final line

Ecommerce is not absolutely new trend, but it is the time when people start thinking about it more and more. One of the greatest reasons is that all you need to do is to have a laptop and good Internet connection. Do you agree?