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How to Keep Your Home Safe While You are Away

You are going to spend a glorious week on vacation with your family. With your kids all excited to embark the most memorable time of the year, you have a lot of preparation and planning to do.

While you are all enthusiastic about the vacation, it’s very easy to forget about what you are leaving behind. That is, until you check in at the airport and wonder: Is the main door open? Did I lock the garage door? Is the iron on? It is, therefore, important to secure your home before you leave.

Protecting your home while you are away is as important as protecting the items you carry with you. That is why we have compiled for you these home security tips which will ensure that you won’t return to any unpleasant surprises.

Put on a Sign that Someone is at Home

Darkness is another sign of an empty house – which allows thieves to get in without being unnoticed.

The simplest way to deter burglars from entering your property is to make sure that there is a moderate noise in your home. This will discourage burglars and give them the impression that somebody is at home.

You can either set the television on a timer for all of those flickering lights and typical noise or hire someone to mow your garden at least once or twice a week.

Upgrade Your Defense

One of the most important tips from the pros is to make sure your security is up to date. According to various studies, homes that are without security systems are 3 times more likely to be burglarized. That is why it is important to update your home security system. These days security systems even allow you to view the live video remotely from your phone, so you see real-time video footage. This small investment is worth your peace of mind!

You can also install a CCTV camera with an alarm that goes off as soon as somebody enters your property.

Hold your mail and newspaper

Newspapers piled on the front door, and fully stuffed mailboxes are dead giveaways that you aren’t home. Have a friend or family member to collect your mail and keep it out of sight.

If you don’t have anyone available to stop by while you are gone, contact the newspaper service and request a temporary newspaper hold and fill out a mail-hold form.

Position your curtains well just like When you are at Home.

If you have glass windows, it is best to close your curtains before leaving. By closing your curtains, you are preventing people from scrutinizing your house. If you have a system of operable louvres, make sure you seal the windows properly as it can also help avoid burglars from monitoring your house. In addition, this helps protect your furniture from extreme sunlight and other weather conditions.

For houses with patio furniture, swimming pools or a barbeque grill in the backyard, installing outdoor louvres is a great idea. While even if the roof cannot protect your valuables from theft, it will certainly protect them from rain or harsh sunlight while you are away.

Pull the Plug

Remember to unplug all the appliances before leaving your home, except for the ones on timers. This way, you’ll save power and be able to ensure that your home will be protected from an electrical fire.

Remove the spare keys from Inside the House and Give them to someone You Trust.

The usual instinct of burglars is to look out for the spare key at the most common hiding spots. So, it is important that you remove the spare hidden key right away. In fact, you should give them to a family member, friend, a neighbour you trust. This way, they can monitor your home from time to time and contact you during emergency situations.

These above-listed steps will help you protect your home while you are away on a vacation.