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How You Can Keep Pests Out Of Your Yard This Spring

Spring is a perfect time for grilling or gardening in your yard. But, the increase in temperatures may also result in an increased chance of insect or pest infestations.

While your yard is a habitat for you, it can also be a place you’ll have to share with bugs and animals. Some can be beneficial, such as bees to help your flowers bloom and spiders to keep the mosquitoes at bay. However, particular kinds of bugs can be dangerous and might make your yard an unpleasant area to be.

Just like your house, your yard can be infested by pests that could do more harm than good. Below are the different ways you can keep your yard pest-free so you can make the most of your time in your yard and enjoy your outdoors at the same time.

Consider Fencing

If you want to keep the pests out of your yard this spring, one of the best options you can consider is installing a barely visible fence or any kind of fence you prefer.

Garden fences can prevent and deter animals from entering your yard. You can also install a mesh cover, chicken wire, or bird netting. Just ensure to bury such barriers at least 3 inches into the ground so animals will stop burrowing animals to get into your garden.

Avoid Standing Water

An easy way to attract pests to your yard is standing water. Water features, birdbaths, or neglected pools are targets for pests. So, make sure to get rid of standing water in your yard to control the pests from entering your property. If you have a pool, keep it covered whenever it’s not in use and maintain it properly. If you have a water feature or a bird bath, for instance, make sure to keep the water moving.

Keep Your Yard Trimmed And Tidy

Weeds and tall grass can provide harborage for fleas, ant hills, and ticks. Tree branches or overgrown shrubbery that makes contact with your house can serve as entry points for unwelcome guests, like cockroaches. So, mow your yard on a regular basis during summer and spring months so that the insects have fewer places to hide.

In addition, keep the shrubs and trees trimmed, preferably by professionals, so there’s a foot of distance between the branches and walls of your house. If you want climbing plants, like wisteria or ivy, it’s a great idea to set up a trellis, so the vines won’t serve as gangplanks on which the insects can march into your house.

Invest In A Quality Professional Pest Control Service

Even if you think that you can do the pest control by yourself, nothing beats investing in quality pest control services and letting professionals do the work for you. Pest control experts know the best treatment to use for your yard. Moreover, they can quickly spot any potential pest issues before they get out of hand. Professionals can also recommend other tips and tricks to avoid pests from coming back to your yard.


While there are many things you can try to prevent pests around your home, there are instances when you just have to bring in the professionals. Whether you prefer to do the job on your own or hire an expert pest control service, make sure to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to take control of your yard again and have a pest-free spring.

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