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Helping the Big Headed to Find Eyewear

Choosing fashion accessories is never easy. Trends change all the time, and keeping up with what’s in is a time consuming task. If you then add in the extra challenge of having a body type that doesn’t fit the stereotype, an already problematic situation becomes even more difficult to deal with. For years, society has pushed a body image of both men and women that they have labelled as normal and attractive. Only in recent years are they making efforts to be more inclusive and make people of different sizes feel like similarly valued customers. Often the emphasis is put on being inclusive of people’s body type and size, but that’s not the only challenge that some individuals face. Another challenge arises in the shape and size of many peoples heads!

The Struggle

Being big headed is rarely considered to be a good thing. In the metaphorical sense, it refers to a person who considers themselves to be superior to others, who is pridefully aware of their strengths and abilities and often overestimates their value. This description hardly fits someone who others consider friendly or approachable. In fact, a big headed person will likely find that in time their attitude isolates them from others. On the other hand, in the literal sense, being big headed is also a difficulty. It can prove to be quite the challenge when it comes to finding eyewear and as such it too can have an isolating effect, making individuals feel neglected by fashion brands and unable to keep up with the trends that their friends are able to. While metaphorical big headedness can be overcome with some time and hard work, there’s not a lot a person can go about the literal size and shape of their head. 

While science has shown the correlation between bigger heads and greater intelligence, this is little consolation when someone with a larger than usual cranium can’t find a hat that suits them or eyewear that even fits them. Bigger heads may mean bigger brains inside, but it also means that everything on the outside has to be bigger too. If you are someone who struggles with a big head, or you are someone trying to find a gift for another individual with the same problem, you like know just how hard it can be to purchase accessories that both suit and fit. What is being done to meet this need and help ones who face this challenge?

The Good News

Fortunately, the good news is that there are brands out there finding similar niches in the market and thus producing eyewear and other accessories with the big headed in mind. With fashion brands ever under scrutiny for how they cater for unique shapes and prove their diversity in what they sell and advocate, more and more options are becoming available to those whose features fall outside what society has wrongly named “normal”. One such company is Faded Days Sunglasses, a Charlotte NC based business that recently announced its expansion into the global market selling sunglasses designed for large heads. Companies like these are finding great success as they priced solutions for customers that have felt neglected and forgotten about by mainstream brands over the years. Now, people of all shapes, sizes, cultures and tastes can access trendy fashion items that not only look good, but make them feel good too. 

The fact is that accessories like sunglasses are more than just fashion statements – they do a great deal in protecting your precious eyes from the dangerous power of the sun. When driving for example, wearing a pair of sunglasses could be the thing that prevents a dangerous car accident due to blinding sun. It’s clear to see why making sunglasses accessible to all is more than just for the sake of vanity, but for safety too.