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4 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Top Pros

Pizza is one of the most popular convenience food choices. The Italian-creation is an international sensation, gaining favor across the globe owing to its mouthwatering taste, not to mention the nutritional value. Whether you like ordering in or homemade pizzas, you probably have a favorite shop, or you follow a specific approach to prepare your favorite dish. You may have, however, taste a pizza that left you asking for more, with a perfect blend of crunchy toppings, fluffy crust, and a smoky flavor that you can hardly identify how it came to be. Well, the secret that you could be missing out on is the backyard pizza ovens used, and the chances are that wood-fired pizza oven was the reason for that delicious piece.

While browsing backyard pizza ovens, you could have overlooked wood-fired ovens thinking that they are outdated. However, they are an all-time favorite, delivering a range of benefits that beats the rest. Among the top wood-fired pizza ovens are;

The speed

How long does your home oven take to heat up? Can it go beyond 500 degrees? Well, the wood-fired oven goes over 600 degrees Fahrenheit, while the standard home ovens max out at around 500 degrees. This means that, for your pizza to be ready, it will need around 15 minutes at such temperature. Added to at least 20 minutes to heat the preparing pizza could feel like it is taking forever. Wood-fired pizza heat is evenly spread, and at such high temperature, it would only take two to four minutes for the pizza to cook, a speed that can be maintained for an extended period by keeping a small fire going inside the oven, making it a great choice especially if you need to cook many pizzas.

Distinctive flavor

This is where that unique and smoky flavor comes in, and due to the high temperatures that speed up the cooking process, other flavors can be distinctively be felt that lower options can’t achieve. Apart from the smoky flavor, as the heat bounces off the oven’s walls, it crisps pizzas very fast, sealing moisture in the dough and preventing it from becoming soggy. This results in a puffy crust with a soft and chewy touch, adding to the flavor.

Nutrients retention

As the pizza cooks very fast, vitamins and antioxidants, among other nutrients in your vegetables and fruit toppings, are retained. With your standard pizza oven that takes a prolonged period for the pizza to cook, such nutritional value is lost as the process causes the depletion of such nutrients. Apart from nutrients retention, the toppings will be crispier compared to slower options, kicking the flavors a notch higher.

Multipurpose solution

Apart from pizzas, wood-fired ovens can be utilized to fulfill other cooking purposes. Its versatility allows you to cook a range of items such as roast meat, bake bread, potatoes, among others. In addition to its versatility, it is an energy-efficient solution as it doesn’t require gas or electricity to operate and solely rely on fire, allowing you to maintain a green lifestyle.

While thinking of the best oven to purchase, wood-fired pizza ovens shouldn’t be overlooked. They are ideal for commercial or residential use, and with their versatility and speed, you can cost-effectively enjoy your favorite bites with a unique flavor.