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Funeral Essential: Seven Ways to Express Your Love For The Beloved Deceased

Death of someone who you used to love is the most depressing and heartbreaking experience. It becomes tough to move on with your life without the physical presence of your loved one. Death is always an essential part of life, that is either appointed by God or fate. At first, it will become stressful and saddening to accept their demise. But it is the part of existence to depart and live somewhere else. After all, the souls will reunite after death in another form and another place.

Death indeed deprives us of losing the physical presence of the person. However, many other things are still there, even after the end of the person. These can be either the things they used to love, their advice, home, etc. These things make a relationship of memory instead of the physical appearance of the deceased one. On the other side, emotional suffering with grief is a natural response. But prolonged reactions can also impact your health. In this case, there are always different practices for expressing love for the person after they have long gone. With that said, let’s discuss seven ways to express your love for the beloved deceased.


You can also host a dinner in honor of the deceased one to express your love for them. Simply pick a special day like birthday, anniversary and invite friends and family to dinner. For instance, if you live near the Ohio river, then consider funeral homes in Louisville, KY, to have people closeby to share the grief. The funeral homes help to gather the communities and families together to honor the deceased while heals the mourners. Meeting with friends and family helps in coping with the grief of the person who died. You can also host the dinner gathering in the dead individual’s favorite restaurant.


Another way of expressing your love is by getting involved with the interests of your departed ones. If your loved one got affiliated with a particular organization for charity or donation, you could continue their benefits. Simply think about what they loved doing and what things always caught their attention. Spare some time to get involved in different practices that your loved one liked. For instance, if your loved ones wanted to spend time with animals. Then you can adapt or donate to the local animal shelter.

Getting involved in these activities significantly helps to carry on the deceased individual’s legacy and express your love. Some people also get attached to these activities and make them part of their lives. It is the best way to continue your loved one’s legacy and also share your love experience with people.


One of the best ways of remembering your loved ones is by celebrating their birthdays every year. No doubt that the first year of losing your loved ones can be tough. The grief always hits people badly even when they are moving towards healing. But it is vital for expressing your love for the departed souls. Always make their birthdays a special day like you used to make when they were alive. You can also invite a few friends and family to spend time together and honor the lives of the ones you loved. Also, share the wisdom, life events, and memories with your friends to brighten up your life during tough times.


Every photo indeed tells us a story of the people around us. Keeping pictures of the lost ones keeps us connected with them and feel their presence like before. Many people avoid keeping photos of the deceased person around the house. However, organizing their pictures in their rooms will take you to feel emotionally connected with them. Photos are essential for healing the grief of losing the special someone. You can simply frame then and display them on the cupboards or hang on the wall or two. Moreover, you can store them in a picture box to keep their forever memories.


You and your loved one must have loved playing dominoes or partying on Saturday evenings. Now that they are no longer with you, you can continue this activity and remember them in your house. Make it a routine to spend some time like you used to do when they were with you.


Everyone who loses their special someone goes through the hard times of grief, and it takes some time. On the other side, you can still incorporate these individuals into special events to express your attachment with them. You can leave a chair with their names on it to honor the loved one and recall memories.


Lastly, you can also visit different places that you had always enjoyed while being together. It is one of the best ways to explore the memories and make them last longer. You can take someone so you can talk about memories and important events with them. Traveling to places will allow you to spend some time with yourself and recall all the good days.


We always come across this phrase that where there is life, death is inevitable. On the other side, there are countless different ways to express your love for the gone loved ones. It is the love that stays forever. It is essential to show what we have to keep our beloved deceased closer in our hearts.