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What’s The Best Material for Robes? A Buying Guide for Perfect Loungewear

Investing in beautifully made, high quality loungewear is essential for winter 2020. Whether you’re staying in, working from home, relaxing on the couch or venturing out for some casual social appointments, your loungewear is going to be your very best friend. You want to feel as comfy and cosy as possible, but you still want to feel polished enough to head out if needs be. The key to successfully adding to your loungewear is to focus on materials before anything else. Fabric composition, purity and sourcing makes a huge difference to the look, effect and overall feel of any piece. Often you’re wearing your robe first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so you want to pick up something that’s going to feel incredible and tactile. Loving yourself and treating yourself to a little comforting luxury is more important now than ever!

Image Credit: Everyday Cashmere

Silk and Cashmere Blend

Silk and cashmere robes are the ultimate luxury when it comes to loungewear. This is a harmonisation of two of the world’s most luxurious, high end fibres. You’re getting the shining, silky smoothness of silk and the fuzzy, temperature regulating second skin feeling of cashmere all in one perfectly timeless piece. If you’re looking for lightweight breathability and warmth alongside a truly incredible silky soft feel then you’re going to love the cashmere silk blend! Pieces such as cashmere silk robes, sleepwear and wraps are absolutely perfect for cuddling up in style. Layer, mix and match or wear alone for a countless loungewear outfits that you’ll love relaxing in. You’re getting all the benefits of both silk and cashmere here, so expect to invest and enjoy all that this gorgeous blend has to offer. This piece is going to work symbiotically, loving your skin and giving back to your every morning and every night. Take the opportunity and choose to brighten your day and care for your skin with a cashmere silk robe.


It doesn’t get any cosier, softer or more sumptuous than a gorgeous cashmere basic! Cashmere is adored for it’s plush, breathable nature that still keeps you snug and warm no matter the weather, it works with your body temperature to regulate. Pieces such as cashmere knits, leggings, wraps and socks are going to be your best friend throughout every season. This material is famously loved for its longevity and classic, chic style, so you can shop happily knowing it’s a sustainable, future proof addition to your comfies collection!


Silk gives you that stunning shining look and smooth feel whilst still keeping things light and airy. Slipping into a pair of silk pyjama pants or a slinky simple cami feels so lovely, it’s the definition of luxurious loungewear. You can also mix and match your silk basics with your day to day wardrobe, which looks absolutely incredible and means that you get plenty of wear for your money! If you like to stay cool when you lounge, then silk is the fabric for you.

What Else to Look Out For

Once you decide on the materials that are right for you, it’s time to get hunting. You’ll find plenty of beautiful options out there, so in order to streamline your search you’ll need to keep an eye on a few extra qualities that will make your purchases as perfect as possible.


Because you’re relaxing inside in those comfy new clothes, you’re free to pick up whatever style makes you happy! However, if you want to get plenty of styling opportunities out of your loungewear, then you’re best picking up a few classic pieces that you can integrate into your day to day outfits once you’re in a routine.


Quality should win over quantity every time, but this is especially true when you’re shopping for your threads. Investing in high quality, well made pieces means that you’re curating clothing that you’ll wear and treasure for years to come. Your skin, wallet and the environment will thank you.


Speaking of the environment! Cashmere, silk and silk and cashmere blend are all natural fibres which means they are kind to our ecosystem and our skin. It’s still important to watch out for locally made, designed and ethically sourced clothing that’s as chic as it is sustainable.

Ready to find your dream loungewear pieces?

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