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Stellar BitRaser File Eraser – A Tool to Securely Clean Your PC and External Drives

It’s true that digitization has made a lot of things easier for the public. But at the same time, digitization also means that you’re at a constant risk of your private data being stolen or misused. While the internet has made it easier to access information from across the globe, it has also made data theft easier and common. Sure, we know that and take steps to prevent theft like that. But is that enough? Sometimes, when you delete a file it goes into the trash bin and then you forget all about it. Some files are hidden and stay in your system even after you clear your drives. Even when you are selling or exchanging your used device without cleaning it properly, you’re at risk of data theft. Stellar BitRaser File Eraser is a data erasure tool that can help you wipe your devices to ensure complete data removal.

Technical Specifications

Devices Supported – Desktop and Web-based
Operating System – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003
Customer Support – Email, Phone, Tickets, and Live Support
Languages Supported – English
License – Single User
Pricing – Quote-based Plans, Free Trial Period for 30 Days
Suitable For Business Types – Small and Medium Businesses, Enterprise

Key Features

BitRaser is a DIY data deletion software that uses international algorithms to ensure total data deletion without any scope of recovery. You can easily download it from this link. Here are some of its main features: 

Permanent Data Erasure

Ensure complete data deletion with BitRaser’s  full data erasure tool. This tool allows you to completely remove all traces of a file from your system. When you use this software for data deletion, the files are deleted completely from your system. This means that there is no scope of recovering these files again by any means. When you want to ensure that the data you deleted is removed from the system permanently, BitRaser is your best option.

Delete All Internet Activity

When you use the internet, a lot of unwanted files and data like cookies, etc. is stored in the system. This data is useful for the time that you use that particular website but becomes useless afterwards and yet it stays in your PC. BitRaser can help you get rid of all this unwanted junk. It can easily delete all the data related to your internet activities like browsing history, cookies, banking logins, email logins, saved cards, saved passwords, auto form fill data, and other internet registers.

Remove Application and System Traces

The computer stores information regarding every application it runs. And after some time, all this gathered information becomes junk that uses up a lot of space and can slow down your PC. Using the BitRaser tool, you can easily remove all these application and system traces and clean up your PC in a safe and secure way.

Different Erasing Algorithms

All eraser software uses some or the other type of algorithm to delete system data in an organized and secure manner. There are many different such algorithms available. One truly unique feature of BitRaser tool is that it allows the user to choose the erasing algorithm to use from 17 different international standard algorithms.

Searching, Listing, and Scheduling

With BitRaser tool’s search feature, you can look for the files you want to erase by name. It can search for a specific file from multiple files stored on your hard drive, folders, and subfolders. Its list feature allows you to link all your unwanted files to a single list and delete them all together at once. With its schedule feature, you can schedule the deleting tasks for a later time. The software will automatically run them on the specified date and time.


Securely Clean Your PC

BitRaser file erasure can help you keep your PC clean in a safe and secure way. When you delete files with this tool, you can rest assured that they will be deleted permanently without any scope of recovery. Plus, it’s a secure way of handling your private files and their meticulous removal.

Easy to Use Interface

BitRaser file eraser tool has a very user-friendly and simple interface. It is easy to use and simple enough for even non-technical people to understand quickly. Plus, it offers many useful features like search, listing, and schedule deletion that can help you remove unwanted files easily.

Speedy Data Erasure

Another great benefit of BitRaser is that it gives you the chance to clean up your PC quickly and efficiently. With its search feature, you can search for the files you want to remove and get them together. With its list feature, you can link all the unwanted files together in a list and delete them all together in one go. This saves a lot of time and resources and offers a speedy and effective data erasure.

Optimize Device Performance

When you remove all the unwanted files and traces from your PC, it frees up a lot of memory. This allows your system to use the freed memory for other applications. IT will ultimately speed up your PC and improve your performance.

When you want to safeguard your data from falling into wrong hands, its often best to delete it permanently. And BitRaser file erasure tool helps you do exactly that in a secure and organized way. So, if you want to erase your sensitive files beyond the scope of recovery, BitRaser is a great option.