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Check Out These Featured Cards on the Giftcash Online Platform

GiftCash is an online-based platform that was formed in 2017 and has been active since then. The platform is all about bringing life to your unwanted gift cards that you believe are just filing up space. GiftCash offers a solution of selling your gift cards online. The platform has some of the best cash rates that you can place for your gift cards. GiftCash is a company based in the USA and is currently run by 16 people. The whole process of selling your gift card is fast and straightforward using the GiftCash online platform. You are guaranteed a payout of your sold gift within five business days. If there is any delay in payments, then the company takes responsibility and pays you 100% of the value of your gift card.

The user interface of GiftCash is also quite simple. You do not need to be a tech-savvy to maneuver your way through the portal. On the main interface, all you need to do is enter the card name and balance and click on the “get your offer” button. Afterward, your offer details will appear below your application naming your gift card, the type of card, balance, and payout for the card.

The GiftCash online portal has made your work very simple. Follow these steps and receive your cash in as few as five business days.

  • Enter your cards – type in your gift card’s corresponding merchant and the current balance on the card. You can also check the complete list of support cards using the balance check page. The list is quite long. So, if you are not able to find your card in the list section, then you can contact the GiftCash support team. If it is not yet on the list, then the GiftCash team might just add it and have you selling your card in no time.
  • Accept the offer – after entering your cards on the GiftCash portal, you will be presented with an offer. The next step is to accept the offer by clicking on the accept button then follow the instructions for a smooth and successful process. If, however, you believe that there is a better offer elsewhere, you can contact our support team and see how we can work around that.
  • Receive your cash – after your cards have been approved, GiftCash will process your payment and send the money to your account within five business days. The funds will be sent to your PayPal account. GiftCash also makes payments through checks so you can use whichever payment method that suits you.

From the GiftCash portal, you also find the gift card balance to make and get more money from your sales. GiftCash has a balance checker that you can use to determine your gift card balance. The company offers thousands of gift card balance links of many different retailers and restaurants. This enables you to check your card balance without much stress easily.

The featured cards of GiftCash

featured cards of GiftCash
GiftCash accepts many different gift cards that you can sell through the platform. The most commonly sold gift cards that are accepted on the platform include Amazon, Apple (not iTunes), Home Depot, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ikea (Online Only). You can also get more gift card options that are accepted and sold on the platform from the Check OTHER Gift Card Balances tab.