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All You Need to Know About the Catalyst Companies

The Catalyst Companies provides the best strategic, creative, and technical team that covers all the bases you will ever need to make your product multidimensional. The Catalyst Companies works effortlessly to manage and deliver the best services in every aspect of live events and post productions. The evidence is apparent in the end products document which channels powerful, trans formative, and effective experiences. You get the best from The Catalyst Companies. Simply put, call us the catalysts of creativity.

The Catalyst Companies team

The Catalyst Companies is all about visual storytelling and rely wholly on creativity to build the best multidimensional experiences. You get the best out of our team that is dedicated to working with you and provides the best possible outcome to visual experiences. The Catalyst Companies team works to bring ingenuity, vision, and energy to work. The end goal of the company is to see to it that with each completed project, it manages to build a lasting partnership with the clients. This ensures that The Catalyst Companies stays ahead of the competition and keeps tabs of all its clients and know what and how they like their work done.

The Catalyst Companies live production

This is the best place to be if you are looking to have the most dynamic, inspiring and impactful experience from your live events. The Catalyst Companies breathes fresh air into their work and bring out a whole new meaning to the audiences. You will have a stunned and equally captivated audience. And this should quickly accelerate the information you are putting through to the audience. The currency of your brand should also witness a steady growth rate. The Catalyst Companies creates the space where all aspects of a live event; sound, video, and even light intersect. People, your audience, will be inspired to act.

Services The Catalyst Companies renders

Our team works to provide a wide array of services that you can utilize to make your events a success. You know you are in good hands having your live events covered by The Catalyst Companies. Here is a short list of some of the services rendered.

1. Event production

Our clients use the best productions in the industry which keeps them coming back for more services. You get to enjoy the best events and at the best prices in the industry. The Catalyst Companies has been working to perfect its systems for the past 15 years since its inception. The experience and kind of professional services offered by The Catalyst Companies makes it the best option to go for in the industry. We strive to ensure we deliver a truly outstanding and state-of-the-art product and service. The Catalyst Companies looks at every production from the clients as an opportunity to try and deepen its relationship with its clients. This is the first step to ensure a strong lasting and synergetic partnership with its clients.

2. Venue sourcing

The Catalyst Companies works to help its clients find a great home for its clients’ next events. Alone, this work can come to overwhelm a client. And that is why we strive to get and use our extensive contacts to get the best venues for clients. The Catalyst Companies prides in ensuring you have the perfect site and at the best price.

3. Event & live stream marketing

The Catalyst Companies team works to partner with its clients and identify the best strategies and ideas to use to deliver the best content to a larger audience. The team of experts works to see to it that you maximize on the live stream and marketing process.

4. Event Staffing

Believe that you will have the best and most qualified team backing your events. From coordinators to stage managers, and brand ambassadors. You will have the best guys working round the clock to see to it that your event is a success. The Catalyst Companies covers even the security, registration, and technology. All you need to do is ask, and The Catalyst Companies will provide.

5. Event planning

Trust in The Catalyst Companies to provide you with the best resources and help to plan your next event successfully. Thanks to the long hours and years of experience in the job, The Catalyst Companies has the right contacts, tools, and equipment to deliver the best event planning strategies.

6. Live streaming

Thanks to technology, the digital age has removed any physical limits that were there before in events and made processes more effortless. The Catalyst Companies takes advantage of this and uses the nearly unlimited resources available to ensure your event strikes a global audience. You can now share your event messages beyond the physical site. The Catalyst Companies can go as far as even create your own custom branded portal where you can have your live stream events.

7. Creative content

You no longer have to worry about how you will sort out the tangle of content in your head or how you wish to play it. The Catalyst Companies works to ensure that all your show flows are perfect, add music and videos to achieve the maximum impact through your messages.

8. Trade booths

The Catalyst Companies helps its customers stand out and blow other competitors from the competition. You can do all this while still making a considerable impression using the fully interactive trade booths available.

How much does it cost to use The Catalyst Companies services?

The company uses three factors to determine the costs for the services provided. The determinant factors include:

1. A scale of the live production
2. Number of attendees
3. The post-production strategy

The Catalyst Companies works to try and fit its clients’ budget. The primary purpose of the specified costs to fit your budget into the services and products offered. You make the choices, and The Catalyst Companies helps you design the “live” program. You can also fit any post-production costs into your budget and still manage to achieve your goals with The Catalyst Companies services.

  • TALL<$25K
  • GRANDE<$75K
  • VENTI>75K

All prices are dependent on the services you want to be rendered. Use The Catalyst Companies now and see how it goes.