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Should You Go For A Pond Fountain Or A Pond Aerator?

Pond aerators and fountains play an equally important role in adding oxygen to the pond and agitating the water to keep the warmer water from separating into its own layer and cutting off circulation. Stagnant water becomes a home to slimy algae that covers up the ponds. It reduces oxygen production by preventing sunlight from entering the pond’s bottom, leading to a foul smell and degraded water quality. Therefore you need to buy pond fountains or aerators to avoid such problems in your pond.

But what should you choose between the two? Well, this decision lies in your intended purpose. While pond fountains are designed to be decorative items, and the benefits provided to the water quality are secondary, the main objective of pond aerators is to reduce the number of insects, add oxygen and prevent algae from accumulating. Let us see some more differences between the two systems in detail before you buy pond fountains or aerators.

Pond Aerators

Pond aerators can be categorized as surface or subsurface types. Both types are excellent options if you want to clear a pond with significant existing algae, reduce smells and odor and improve water health for fish and plants. Surface aerators draw water to the surface and pump it into the air to gather oxygen before it returns to the pond. This helps in circulating the water, mixing the different temperature layers within the pond, and generating a current that keeps the debris away. Some of these aerators may also have a water display similar to a water fountain, while others may be subdued and produce a bubbling effect on the pond’s surface.

On the other hand, the sub-surface aerators mostly rely on compressors to push air out of an attached line into the water, which leads to bubbles rising and breaking the water’s surface, thus allowing oxygen to enter the pond. These aerators also improve water circulation and allow oxygen to reach deeper pond areas. They can work with a wide range of pond sizes, and some even run on solar power.

Pond Fountains

Pond fountains are mainly used for aesthetic reasons. Hence they come in a wide variety of designs and are best for applications like adding a pleasant background noise so as to create a peaceful environment, visually enhancing pond aesthetics, lighting an area by adding a light display, and providing some aeration and circulation. Pond fountains also operate the same way as pond aerators, but the level of aeration varies based on the fountain’s design. The water circulates from the bottom and sprays into the air to collect oxygen. As it falls back into the pond, it breaks the water’s surface, allowing more oxygen.

Which One Should You Get?

Before you decide on anything, remember that some aeration is better than no aeration at all. But remember that there is a lot of difference between pond aerators and fountains. Knowing how to choose the best option per your pond’s requirements can be made easy by learning a few things, which are discussed below.

Shallow And Deep Ponds

Remember that pond fountains are most suitable for shallow ponds, while aerators work best for deep ponds. So if your pond is shallow, 6 to 8 feet in depth, you can use a water fountain for aerating. It will also add appeal to the beauty of the water streams and patterns. But if your pond is deeper than 8 feet, start looking for a subsurface system to achieve the greatest benefits. A fountain will not be enough to aerate the bottom of the pond at this depth. A pond aerator will go to the bottom of the pond and release a stream of diffused bubbles. Since the oxygenated water remains near the surface, the subsurface aerators will push the oxygen deep into the pond via a circulatory action. This will help fight the stagnant water, leading to a cleaner and healthier pond.

In comparison, pond fountains spray water anywhere from 10 to 30 feet into the air, either in a circular pattern, straight into the air, or a combination of the two. Although their function is aesthetic, they can be used to aerate ponds with smaller depths. But you can also use them for any pond size as an elegant feature if you are not looking for deep aeration. Pond fountains usually float on the surface of the water and are held with two or more cement blocks, and a power cable passes through the fountain to a nearby electrical outlet.

To Conclude

So the bottom line is that your choice of buying a pond aerator or a pond fountain depends mainly on the purpose and depth of your pond. Look for a supplier that is willing to supply you with the best devices and will also clear your doubts regarding the installation. In the case of pond fountains, a professional must have it installed since there are certain code requirements and safety concerns that must be met.