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Choosing Between Double or Single Pane Windows

The distinct difference between single pane and double pane windows is the structure of the windows. Single pane windows have a single layer of glass while a double pane window has a double layer of glass. The single pane window costs less than the double pane window however, the latter is energy efficient. Choosing single pane windows may seem like a better idea at first but you may have to spend money on cooling and heating bills. It is estimated that double pane windows can save you up to 30% on your utility bills. Before replacing window glass, ensure that you do adequate research to find out which type suits your home best. Curtains play important role to cover your windows and you can know more about fascinating

What is a single pane window?

Single pane window glass is made with a single layer of glass. They have no insulation as they contain just one pane of glass. They are thus susceptible to outside temperatures and noise. In some instances, single pane windows may be suitable, if you live in a quiet neighbourhood and you don’t experience extreme weather conditions.

Advantages of single pane windows

Single pane windows are inexpensive, so you don’t have to fork up lots of money. They are useful for sheds or garages that require very little insulation.

Disadvantages of single pane windows

One of the major disadvantages of single pane windows is that it is a poor insulator, and thus will cost you more in cooling ad heating.

What is a double pane window?

As mentioned above, double pane windows consist of two layers of glass that contain a Lo-e coating. The space between both windows contain gas which is kept inside using a seal. They increase the energy efficiency in your home or business and protect you from extreme weather conditions.

Advantages of double pane windows

Double pane windows:

  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Add value to your home

According to the Department of Energy in America, energy loss brought about by windows accounted for 25% of the cooling and heating costs in the average home.

Disadvantages of double paned windows

There are a few reasons one may not want to install double pane windows:

  • You can’t just buy one –In an attempt to attain the energy saving you require, you need to buy more than one window at a time.
  • Quality is very important – To get the desired energy saving you require, you will have to invest in quality products as anything lesser will interfere with the results you want to achieve. You would also need to do the installation correctly as little shortcomings in this process will affect its ability to insulate properly.

What are the costs involved?

You can expect costs to range from $600 to $850, however, you should focus on the amount of savings rather than the initial costs. Although the costs for single pane windows are significantly lower, the cost of your heating and cooling systems will be higher, thus having single pane windows will be costlier in the long run.

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