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Solitaire Diamond Ring Prices in Singapore Depend on The ‘cut’ of Diamond You Choose

Choosing an engagement ring is often a daunting task because of the numerous options that are enough to confuse any person. So many different designs of Solitaire diamond ring are available that it will simply spoil you with choices and make it difficult to decide if you do not come well prepared for choosing the right one. By focusing on the cuts and shapes of diamonds it should be easy to choose by matching your budget. Moreover, you should know what exactly ‘cut’ means in the context of diamonds.

Meaning of ‘cut.’

The shine and sparkle of a diamond depends on the way it is cut that influences how much light reflects from the surface. Moreover, the ‘cut’ helps to give the desired shape to the diamond whether it is oval, round or of any other shape. The ‘cut’ helps to ascertain the quality of the diamond and is a very important factor during selection. It determines the brilliance of the stone that has no parallel when used for engagement and wedding rings.

The cut influences the diamond shape that impacts the style of the ring.

Round Cut

The sparkle of diamond multiplies greatly due to the increased number of facets on the surface like the one you find in round cut diamonds which is the most sparkling piece of diamond. Round cut diamonds have demand and constitute almost 75% of engagement rings. Heavy cutting results in the removal of most of the rough diamond that enhances the purity or carat as well as the cost. The round cut diamond is so versatile that it shines on the fingers of any shape and size.

Princess cut

The square shaped diamond introduced in the 1970s simply looks gorgeous. The facets are as many as the round cut that gives exceptional sparkle and is often a substitute for round cut diamonds. The diamond looks beautiful in all carat sizes and has the ability to conceal flaws or inclusions. The geometric shape has a contemporary appeal, and it sits well on any hand shape and size. Those looking for modern designs would find this diamond quite attractive.

Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular in shape and instead of the all-round bright sparkle of round cut and princess cut diamonds it releases sustained and long flashes of light. The rectangular perimeter of the diamond has much larger facets than those you find in princess cut diamond. The straight lines that constitute the design make it appear as if there is a box of mirrors inside the diamond. Despite being a vintage cut, this is quite popular in modern times.

Oval cut

The brilliance and fire of oval-cut diamonds are comparable to round cut diamonds, but it has a versatile appeal that looks good on all hand shapes. The classic elegance of round cut diamonds, and the fantastic sparkle with a slightly different appeal is the characteristic of oval-cut diamonds that gives it extraordinary looks and appear larger than it actually is.

Marquise cut, pear shape, and cushion cut are some other diamond shapes that you will come across.