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Eight Celebrities who Really Defined 80’s Fashion

There is no doubt about the fact that the ’80s was a great era/period for film, music, film and the wild fashion. It is always fun to revisit the memory lane and re-examine the trends that time failed to remember, even as a lot of your clothing preferences of the ’80s might make us get discomfited now.

When it comes to the world of 1980s fashion, we must not forget some of the celebrities that actually defined fashion in the 1980s decade. Here are eight of the celebrities that will always be remembered for their contributions to the development of fashion in the ‘80s.

1. Grace Jones

No one could ever forget Grace Jones who was recognized as one of the famous celebrities of the period. She was a model, actress and singer of her time. Grace Jones was best-known for her style which is still as iconic these days as it was in the past 30 years. Her extraordinary make-up, rangy hair, over-the-top cloaks, and remarkable hats all summed together to make the icon that we recognize and adore.

2. Debbie Harry

Also know as Blondie, Debbie Harry was a cool celebrity and artist to remember when considering ‘80s fashion. She was popular for her jazzy leggings, lighten blonde hair, and astonishing explicit tees. She was the great laid back dresser and she was appreciated for it.

3. Boy George

If there is someone who really defined British pop music in the 1980s, then it was Boy George. He was not only remembered for his music, but also his immense and spectacular contribution to the ‘80s fashion industry. He will always be remembered for his clunky boots, gigantic coats, and well-known dreadlocks, which all became synonymous with the period.

4. Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a complete fashion symbol and one of the most stylish dressers of the 1980s. She will forever be remembered for her signature stylish style, her show-stopping wedding gown of 1981, and of course her power shoulders.

5. Prince

He is actually the king of 1980s fashion. He was popular for his tangled shirts, pink feather boas, the embroidered shoulders, and the jet black curls. He created vivid and colorful outfits and ruffled jackets.

6. Bananarama

Bananarama symbolized the ‘80s style with their assortment of bright colors, peculiar hats, feral hair, and pedal pushers. They had a certain style with their stripes and cropped jackets. They were the ever wanted girls and their songs still ring a bell of teenage discos.

7. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson began loads of fashion trends in the 1980s and will always be remembered for his flamboyant footwork and style. One of his signature looks is the power jacket and it looks like the more adornment the better.

8. Madonna

Madonna created her image not just with her music but also with her outfits. Using her movies and music videos, she created new 80’s fashion. From her Boy Toy belts, to sleek and crazy skirts, fashion corset dresses, and rubber bracelets. Her trademark hair ribbons, iconic earrings, and denim jackets, were put together to create an eighties fashion like no other.