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Airport Pickup Etiquette You Should Know

Airports can be chaotic with a lot going on, and it can be hard to keep up – especially if you haven’t travelled in a while. There is the security line, the baggage carousel, the food court – there are just so many things that you have to focus on when you’re traveling. One thing that is easy to forget about? Airport shuttle etiquette. This doesn’t refer to specific rules you should follow, but rather just being a nice person so you can make your trip a little easier on everyone.

How should you behave when you’re being picked up from the airport? How should you behave if someone is picking you up? It can be a little tricky to navigate these waters, so here are some tips that will help when using an airport shuttle service.

Make Sure To Greet Your Airport Shuttle Driver

Greet the shuttle driver as soon as they arrive. This is a good way to let them know that you are ready and willing to go for your ride, not to mention just a polite thing to do. It will also make them more likely to wait for you should you need extra time, or if other passengers aren’t ready. A Las Vegas airport pickup service notes that a simple gesture such as a smile or a wave can make all the difference.

The same goes for when you are getting dropped off at your destination. Letting your driver know where to be is one of the most important aspects of airport shuttle etiquette, and it will help them do their job better, too. So don’t forget this step next time you’re on your way to or from the airport. Acknowledge the driver’s good work by thanking them when you enter and exit the vehicle. 

Be Patient With Drivers – They Are Just Doing Their Job 

This one is pretty simple, but it’s important enough that you should remember it no matter what. If there are other passengers or traffic gets bad, your driver may be delayed in arriving for your airport pickup or hotel drop-off. Even though they might not exactly know when they’ll arrive, they’ll do their best to tell you if they do. 

This is especially crucial if it’s a special occasion and you’re meeting someone at the airport or hotel because your ride might be late to meet with family or friends. You should always remain patient with them no matter what happens, as there’s nothing else that can be done. They are just doing their job.

Be Mindful of Others

If you’re taking a shared ride, be mindful of the fact that there are others waiting for their loved ones too. If you have had a long flight and need to stretch or walk around, do it away from the designated pickup area, like most airports ask. When you are waiting for your shuttle to pick you up at the airport, be mindful of others who are also waiting. 

It can get really crowded in these areas, so it’s best to keep an eye on all the carousels during arrival time. Also, try not to stand right next to someone else if their loved ones are arriving soon, as more people usually flock to the area during this time. Finally, don’t take up a seat that is not yours for shared rides.

Keep it Quiet 

If you have to make a phone call or are travelling with children, try and keep it quiet to respect the people around you. Also, if you are reuniting with a loved one, try to keep your emotions and voices at a decent level. Try to stay calm and casual, even if you are extremely excited. Save your excessive public displays of affection for when you are in private. 

Once you get inside the shuttle, try to keep your composure and keep your voices low. The driver will likely be focused on the road and not paying attention to you, but it’s still a good idea to avoid distracting behavior.  

Good Etiquette Is Always Appreciated

You may not realize it, but good etiquette is always appreciated. When you show you’re willing to be patient, understanding and courteous, it makes a commonly stressful situation better for everyone involved. Airport shuttle services are no different. When you’re shuttling from the airport, following these simple tips on good etiquette will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone on board.

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